Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship placements showcase high demand for top quality tech talent

Editorial Team

Tech Leaders Fellowship (TLF), a unique, one-year, post-graduate level program in Technology and Leadership founded by some of India’s eminent technology leaders…

Motion Education launches exclusive rapid JEE/NEET courses for 2021

Editorial Team

Motion Education a premier coaching institute functioning under Nitin Vijay sir’s vision, is launching exclusive rapid JEE/NEET courses from January 27, 2021. The…



Looking for International Universities in India? Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing!

Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh, Chairman of Noida International University and Secretary of Maruti Education Trust

Why Education will Never be the Same Again

Dr Azza El-Shinnawy, Head of Education, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Middle East and Africa

The Art of Creating Learning Spaces

Meena Murthy Kakkar, Design Head, Envisage

Important Role of Physics in Competitive Exams

Nitin Vijay, MD - Motion Education Pvt Ltd, VP - Byju’s JEE NEET Division


Trends in Education sector for the year 2021

Rohan Parikh, Managing Director – The Green Acres Academy and Co-author: Rhea Jaffer, Manager, Research and Outreach, The Acres Foundation

2020 was an unprecedented year for school education as much as it was for the rest of the world. We have experienced…

Dilemma of Hiring – Pizza Effect to Rubik’s Cube!

Shanthi Rajan, Director – Institution Development, University of Stirling, RAK Campus

How Skill Training creates Workplace Ready Generation

Sachin Gupta, Chancellor, Sanskriti University


How to Embark on a Career in Art

Amrita Deora, Founder & CEO, The Designera

Amrita Deora is the founder of The Designera, an art and design company. With an educational background in design from Central Saint…

Tips to Prepare Your Teens this Year for Hybrid Learning Model

Dr Swati Vijay, Honorary Director of Motion Education Pvt. Ltd. and Director of Motion kids

Role of AR and VR in Transforming the Emerging Education Technology Sector

Sumana Iyengar, CEO & Co-Founder, Goavega Software India Pvt Ltd


Cost of Work-Related Stress

Vertika K Bindal, Shuvendu Ranabijuli, Richa Choudhary and Nikita Chapke, MBA Students of DMS, IIT-Delhi

Work-related stress is experienced by employees when the work demands exceed the person’s ability to cope or control them. Work-related psychosocial risks…

What It Takes to Become a Student Entrepreneur?

Mahira Jain, Founder of FunWagon and Student of Delhi Public School

My Experience of Studying in India’s First Skills University

Thabo Nyambe, Student of Sociology, Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal
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Keeping Education on Track With Blended Learning Programs

Editorial Team

Sommet Education, worldwide hospitality education group encompassing the highly reputed education institutions – Glion Institute of Higher Education,  Les Roches and Ecole…

CUBO Announces Two New Board Members

Editorial Team

College and University Business Officers (CUBO) has announced the appointment of two new Board members to help guide the organisation’s strategic development,…

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Renowned Nutritionist Manjari Chandra Launches Her Book Eat Up Clean Up

Editorial Team

The significance of nutrition in ensuring holistic health is universal because healthy eating goes beyond good nutrition and helps prevent nutrient deficiencies.…


10 Must-Watch Media and Mass Communication Colleges in India

The contribution of Journalism & Mass Communication towards nation-building and social transformation has been immense. Moreover, at a time when issues such as language, caste,…

25 Most Innovative Engineering Colleges in India

Engineering education in India faces significant challenges as it requires meeting the demands of the technical profession and emerging job market. Like every segment of…

10 Must-Watch Architecture Colleges in India

In the last two decades, the world has witnessed rapid changes, both in terms of the needs of society and technology, and architecture as a…

25 Must-Watch Pharmacy Colleges in India

In the world of specialization and globalization, pharmacy education has emerged as the second most popular career for medical stream students in India. The increase…

25 Must-Watch Medical Colleges in India

Indian healthcare sector employs over 5 million workers. However, the numbers do not meet the minimum threshold of 22.8 skilled workers per 10,000 population recommended…

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