Student from Somaiya Vidyavihar selected for preparation of Olympics 2024 Government of India Camp

Editorial Team

21 years old Siddhesh Pande studying in Bachelor in Management Studies at S K Somaiya Degree College, has been shortlisted amongst the…

Macquarie University announces scholarships worth AUD $15 million for Indian students in 2020

Editorial Team

Macquarie University, one of Australia’s top 10 Universities, today announced scholarship worth AUD $15 million to reward outstanding students in India, with…



What is Clearing and Why should Indian Students be Interested in it?

Sandeep Sharma, Director-Student Recruitment and Partnerships South Asia, University of Essex

Education for Social Good: Nine Ways to Teach Kids about Community Involvement

Meenal Arora, Founder Director, Shemford & Shemrock Group of Schools

Before You Decide On Which Course To Take in University

Dr. Timothy Hsi, Founder and Principal, Abundanz Consulting Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Teaching Children How To Think, Not What To Think

Paul Drewitt, Author and Senior Teacher, Australia


Research, Leadership, and the Future of Indian Education

Prof. Kamlesh Misra, Vice Chancellor, Rishihood University, India

Prof. Misra graduated with a Postgraduate Degree in Economics from Allahabad University, India. After completing his Ph.D. from Northeastern University, Boston, he…

What Makes Upskilling a Mandatory Process?

Ajit K. Chauhan, Chairman, Amity Online and Amity Future Academy

Internationalisation Agenda is Important for Universities in India

Iain Clacher, Pro Dean International, University of Leeds, UK


Tell Me Something About Yourself

Trupti Srikanth, Storyteller, Trainer, Story Coach for Educators at Storywallahs

Trupti is an Engineer by education and a storyteller by passion. She believes that stories have the power to entertain, educate, heal…

Impact of Technology in Modern Education

Pooja Vasudev, VP - Business Development, Epaathsala

How to Find Your ‘Guru’ in the Digital World?

Minal Anand, Founder & CEO, GuruQ
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Global Opportunities: Creating Successful Global Graduates

Editorial Team

In the mid of 90s, Sidharth Gupta, hailing from the city of Amritsar, decided to go abroad for his studies with the…

Auxilo Finserve: Enabling the Freedom of Financial Access

Editorial Team

Getting an overseas education is undoubtedly an expensive deal. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), spending on tuition and hostel…

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10 Must-Watch Study Abroad Consultants for Indian Students

A couple of decades ago, going abroad for studies was an elite dream, not many could afford it in India. However, there has been a…

10 Must Watch Fashion & Design Institutes in India

The roots of fashion are deep and pervasive. Before you scoff this off, keep in mind the iconic dialogue of Miranda Priestly, “…that blue represents…

10 Must-Watch Colleges and Institutions in Tamil Nadu

Higher education is important for every country, as it is a powerful tool to build knowledge-based society of the 21st Century. India possesses a highly…

What Can We Do to Help an Ailing India?

Notwithstanding that pharmacists are the only people capable of reading prescription notes, even when the doctors themselves fumbles, they are the ones who are our…

50 Must Watch Engineering Colleges in India

One of the mega trends of the century that can hold the potential to drastically transform various industries and production technique is automation, which also defined…

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