How to Apply for a Digital Marketing Job With No Experience

Geoff Scott, SEO Content Manager, ResumeGenius.com

How The GRE® Test Can Help Make Your United States Study-Abroad Dreams A Reality

Alberto Acereda, Associate Vice President of Global Higher Education, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Why Entrepreneurship in Education is Necessary for the Development of the Next Generation of Leaders

Mamdouha Itani, Academic Assistant, AlIttihad National Private School, UAE

Build Your Resumé at School and Graduate Career-Ready

Dr. Heidi Northwood, Vice President - Global Strategy, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Mental Health and Wellbeing: Helpful Tips and Resources for International Students

Dr Mahima Kalla, Digital Health Researcher, Centre for Digital Transformation of Health, University of Melbourne

Dr Mahima Kalla is a digital health researcher based within the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health at the University of Melbourne…

Higher Education in High Gear: Revolutionizing the Future of Learning and Teaching with Metaverse

Dr. Muhammad Azmat, Assistant Professor in logistics and SCM, Aston University, UK

The Humanities in the Age of AI: A Professor’s Reflection

Jason J. Gulya, Professor, Berkeley College


Universities Must Require Climate Literacy For Admissions

Benjamin Freud, Co-Founder, Coconut Thinking

Dr. Benjamin Freud is a learning dialogist, advisor, writer, and podcaster. He is the co-founder of Coconut Thinking, an advisory that supports…

Five Strategies for Assignment Writing for Part-time Students

Alexander Nowak, CEO and Founder, enterprise education consulting (e2c)

Miocrocredentials are Game-Changers for Higher Education Stake Holders

Halima Mohiuddin, Founder, Leadership Think Tanks Inc


Learn and live your best life in Canberra, Australia’s Knowledge Capital

Editorial Team

For Indian students looking to gain a quality education coupled with a unique Australian experience, Canberra fits the bill.  Canberra embodies a…

The Ultimate Student Guide 2022 to Studying Hospitality Management

Shrey Anand, EHL Hospitality Business School Bachelor Student in International Hospitality Management

The Long and Winding Road to Embarking on A Career in Semiconductors

Ganesh Reddy, Associate SSD Validation Engineer, Micron Technology, India




Postgraduate Taught Students – The Growing Challenge for Careers Advisors and Employability Services in UK Higher Education

Tom Lowe, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth (UK)

Tom Lowe is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Portsmouth, where his research includes student engagement in the…

Factors that Influence Students’ Decision to Study Abroad

Iram Lone, International Careers and University Guidance Lead Consultant, Lone Consultancy

Iram Lone is a seasoned career and university guidance leader with a wealth of experience in providing high-quality guidance and information to…



How to Sell a Book?

Mike Stickler, Publisher, Leadership Books

Michael Stickler is a best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker.  Michael Stickler’s first book went from being “unsellable” (according to his publisher)…

Why College is not the Only Avenue Worth Pursuing?

Joshua Page, Author of What Does Your Daddy Do?

Joshua Page is a husband, father, electrician, entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker. With the release of his first book, What Does Your Daddy…

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