Pandit Deendayal Energy University: Aiming Sustainability through Technology

Spread across a 100-acre campus, with an opulent source of greenery and freshness, the Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) makes it to the list of Must-Watch Colleges in Gujarat. The University has been awarded prestigious “Centre of Excellence” status by Government of Gujarat and secured its position in Top 100 Universities in India. Equipped with


Karnavati University: Creating Professionals with Human Values

Located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Karnavati University (KU) has a unique teaching-learning mechanism. The university calls it, inTECHgrated approach. Here, emerging technologies and creative thinking collide with an entrepreneurial spirit, research acumen, and a global mindset to build a collaborative...


Re-calibrating Digital Learning Approaches in the Era of New-age Pedagogy

Shamini is the Co-founder and Honorary Chief Mentor of WNS Cares Foundation (WCF). She has years of hands-on experience in community development and has helped establish two noteworthy organizations in the area of corporate social responsibility – S’Prayas and...


How are Indian B-Schools Becoming a Powerhouse for Start-ups

A PhD holder in Economics, Dr. Mishra’s experience spreads over a period of two decades in various facets of Academia. Being a vibrant learner, in the course of his professional journey, he has gained proficiency not only in different...

Marketing Communication Trends for the Fashion Industry

Dr. Sunita Konwar has over 30 years of experience in teaching. She completed her PhD in Economics from Mumbai University and thereafter headed the Department of Economics at a college in Mumbai University. She went on to work as...

How Novel Corona Virus Has Changed Education Forever?

An eminent professional, compassionate social worker Mr. Rajesh Singh has gained a prominent position in society due to the exemplary work he has done in his career. His raise to prominence in such a short span can be attributed...

Pandemic Taught Us that Education Sector Too Needed Some Learning

Arpit is an intelligent entrepreneur well-versed in professional education. He has been providing a platform for quality education to the 21st century’s young and curious learners since two decades in various verticals. He looks forward to building a better...


Esports emerging as a Lucrative Career Option in India

Ishaan Arya is the cofounder, head of business development and content at The Esports Club. He is a veteran of the gaming industry. Ishaan started his career as a content creator and writer and led ‘Just Another Gaming Site’...

Evolving from Teacher Training to Continuous Professional Development for Teachers

Amit Dutta is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Ampersand Group, a multifaceted, end-to-end solution provider with key interests in education, skill development and livelihoods, Ed-Tech, and consulting services. The Group owns the successful franchise of the K12 VIBGYOR...

Laying a Strong Foundation with a Robust Learning and Development for Electric Future

Ashwini Tiwary is the co-founder and CEO of Autobot India, a leading and growing startup company in the EV domain which provides specialised and customized solutions to the automotive and education sector. Founded by him and his brother in...

How Can You Improve the Odds You’ll Be Approved for An Education Loan?

Sasha Ramani runs Corporate Strategy for MPOWER Financing, the leading provider of scholarships and no-cosigner loans for students from India and around the world. MPOWER offers no-cosigner loans for education at nearly 400 universities around the U.S. and Canada....

The Relevance of Career Choices in Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and IoT for Millennials and Gen-Z

Ankur Aggarwal’s name is synonymous with innovation in the edtech sector. Passionate about solving real world problems through the application of technology, he carries an extraordinary zeal with a fervent resoluteness to evolve the tech landscape. His relentless quest...


10 Must-Watch Colleges and Universities in Gujrat

Gujrat is fast becoming one of the major destinations in India for higher education. With the introduction of policies to promote research and innovation in the higher education and technical education sector, the state is restructuring the teaching-learning process...


The Gujrat Model of Higher Education

Training students to take up entrepreneurship is a contemporary practice in the Indian higher education system. Until a few years ago, not many business schools had given much thought to it. However, come to Gujrat, we see that people...

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