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Training students to take up entrepreneurship is a contemporary practice in the Indian higher education system. Until a few years ago, not many business schools had given much thought to it. However, come to Gujrat, we see that people living in the state are born entrepreneurs. From Ambanis to Bansals, the living examples are many. While the entrepreneurship mindset of Gujrati people has a lot to do with the culture, the state is now rapidly becoming a significant exporter of professionally trained human resources. The Government of Gujarat has embarked on a mission to make Gujarat an Education Hub for the country.

According to the Annual Status of Higher Education (ASHE) – 2021 published by Deloitte, Gujrat has 76 universities, 2275 colleges, and 308 standalone institutions, offering higher education to about 153400 students from all over the country and abroad. Universities and colleges from Gujrat have been making steady progress in the NIRF ranking. Recently, three of its major universities found a place in India’s top-100 list of universities. On the other side, the emergence of EdTech and new approaches to education have created tremendous possibilities for the institutes in the state to reach out to various parts of the country and train work-ready, skilled human resources who can contribute to enhanced productivity economic growth.

In this issue, we celebrate the success of higher education institutions in Gujrat. With the help of our advisory panel, we have identified 10 Must-Watch Colleges and Universities in Gujrat. We feature Pandit Deendayal Energy University on the cover, which has become synonymous with a student paradise for higher education and learning. The institute has transformed itself into a nurturing ground for hybrid learning by developing cutting-edge digital infrastructure with up-to-date research and an educational curriculum to promote and facilitate research and education.

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