JD Institute Of Fashion Technology- Where Imagination Meets Discipline

A wise man once said, “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” To create something out of nothing, you need imagination. And imagination without discipline yields no fruit. For instance, Thirtha Uthappa, a customer-centric corporate professional turned enthusiast and passionate jewelry designer and manufacturer, would not have been


Why You Must Reinvent Yourself–And Your Company–Every 3.5 Years

Called ‘The Reinvention Guru’ by In Ventures magazine and ‘The Queen of Reinvention’ by TEDx Navasink, Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva is a scientist, entrepreneur, and author specializing in resilience and reinvention. As a consultant, Nadya has helped such organizations as The...


NexConnect: Helping Underprivileged Children Enjoy Their RIGHT TO EDUCATION

Technology has helped change the concept of the classroom dramatically. A classroom is no longer a four-walled brick construction with a blackboard at one end of it and an oblivious teacher reading out from the textbook while the students...


What Traditional Schools Can’t Teach You Enough Of? Innovation & Creativity

Jesuit is an educator and innovation management consultant of OnlyVenture Consulting Singapore that helps individuals, executives and companies design their lives, careers and businesses aligning purpose, passion and profit This is especially true when schools placed excess emphasis on...

Expanding Horizons

Author, consultant, speaker, podcaster and photographer, Terence Wallis decided to leave the corporate world behind and start his own business, Indelible Adventures Inc. in 2014. Terence has published two books; “Indelible Adventures”, a collection of short stories about his...


10 Must Watch Fashion & Design Institutes in India

The roots of fashion are deep and pervasive. Before you scoff this off, keep in mind the iconic dialogue of Miranda Priestly, “…that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs and so it’s sort of comical how you...


Will Delhi be the Next Paris?

The Asia Pacific is one of the largest retail markets in the world by a significant margin. In 2018, the regional sales were valued at 653 billion US dollars, representing 37% of the global apparel and footwear sales. This...


When Words Fail, Fashion Speaks

Fashion has always been the preferred tool for generations of rebellious changemakers to get their point across. For instance, the battle for equality and recognizing the LGBTQ+ community is long-standing. Many talks and debates have been conducted and forgotten....

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