How to Make Academic Sessions More Engaging

Timea Kadar, Associate Dean and Programme Leader, MSc Digital Marketing Programme, Northumbria University London Campus
July 2, 2024 0

Timea Kadar is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is the Associate Dean and Programme Leader of the MSc Digital Marketing Programme at…

College Affordability and College Choice

Eliot Feldman, President, Higher Education Consulting Services, LLC
June 19, 2024 0

Eliot is a dynamic executive leader with a passion for coaching, higher education business development, and leadership. With a focus on optimizing the customer experience,…

Setting Creative Student Assessment in the 2020s

Dr. Mariano Carrera, Business Lecturer, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
May 28, 2024 0

Dr Carrera, aka, Dr Mario, has been teaching business related courses to mostly undergraduates at Thai universities since 2016. Before teaching, Dr Mario spent 20…