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Being a part of the aviation industry is a dream of many. For instance, a pilot.  It has undoubtedly been one of the world’s most glamorous and rewarding jobs. Then there are roles like Cabin crew, Ground staff, Air hostesses, Customer Service Associates, and many more. The aviation industry offers an abundance of opportunities for young, ambitious people seeking a successful career. However, the pandemic disrupted many aspects of the aviation industry; job opportunities were among them.

As per the industry reports, 2.3 million fewer people are working in aviation compared with the beginning of the pandemic. In July 2022, Boeing estimated a need for 2.1 million new aviation personnel over the next 20 years to meet their needs. The long-term forecast shows that 602,000 pilots, 610,000 maintenance technicians, and 899,000 cabin crew members will be required to support the global commercial fleet over the next two decades. Now both domestic and international travels are back to normal, aviation has opened up many opportunities in the sectors, including airports, airlines, ground handlers, retail, fire & safety, cargo, IT, MRO, Catering, Hospitality, and so on.

While the students are looking for global institutions that would place them in a lucrative career, we have identified 10 Must-Watch Aviation Institutes in 2022 that would help them narrow their search for a suitable destination. In this issue, we have listed aviation academies across the globe that have been resilient to the restrictions and offered seamless education despite the challenges faced in the recent past. We hope our effort will help the aspirants to fulfill their dreams to fly high!

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