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The University of Bologna, Italy, founded in 1088, is the oldest university in continuous operation in the world and the first degree-awarding institution of higher learning. Then there are names like Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom that stand tall among the world’s most prestigious universities. European countries are home to some of the most highly-ranked universities in the world and offer excellent educational benefits and a multicultural academic environment. In 2022, the UK alone had over 605,130 international students.

Europe today has over 4000 higher education institutions, from top-level research establishments to small, teaching-focused colleges, with more than 17 million students and 1.5 million academics, including 435,000 researchers. Compared to the US, European universities offer quality education at an affordable price. Besides, there are many scholarships available to reduce the cost further. For instance, France has over 3500 higher education institutions and public universities. Tuition fees at French public universities are nominal as the government subsidizes education, and a degree from the same can be obtained at approximately 200 EUR per year. Besides, countries like Germany encourage the best and brightest students to stay on after their studies.

However, finding a perfect higher education destination would be a cumbersome task for international students, as there are thousands of higher education institutions to choose from. At the Higher Education Digest, we analyzed leading research universities to small, friendly teaching colleges offering a great variety of degree programs and put together 10 Must-Watch Universities and Colleges in Europe – 2022. We hope our efforts will help international students looking for a quality university life in Europe.

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