Rajesh Kumar Singh, Educationist & Founder and MD, Kunwar’s Global School

An eminent professional, compassionate social worker Mr. Rajesh Singh has gained a prominent position in society due to the exemplary work he has done in his career. His raise to prominence in such a short span can be attributed to his strong will power, caliber, conviction, dedication and leadership quality. He has established Kunwar Lives and Kunawar’s Educational Foundation in Lucknow in the memory of his son Kunwar with a purpose to spread education among the young generation, belonging to rural areas, and more specifically, to under-privileged classes of the society.


COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives drastically. The resulted change also took place in a very short period of time, so, everything, including all learning, was forced online as the whole world had to isolate in the home immediately. The setting of the traditional classroom, sadly, has now become a past.

So, what has really changed for education? Well, everything! Everything is now online and e-learning is the new normal.

Due to the drastic COVID-19 crisis, India is witnessing a boom in e-Learning. Every school, college and educational institution has continued the teaching and learning process by leveraging online learning platforms. This shift changed the concept of education and knowledge sharing overnight, and digital learning has emerged to be an absolute necessity for the education industry.

India’s well preparedness with the extensive and robust 4G Network and affordable data in virtually every part of the country made the shift possible. What’s more impressive is the smartphone adoption, which further helped in the acceleration of the adoption of learning infrastructure. It is because of the digital technology with easy access to the internet that remote learning opportunities, online classrooms, and access to high-quality education has been brought up even in rural and semi-urban locations. Today, language, location and financial resources are no more a barrier to avail high-quality education. It is the best time for our country and the whole world to experiment with the technology and make delivery of education seamless for learning. Overall, digital learning holds great potential in India and it may change the meaning of education forever.

For Schools and other educational institutions, using innovative technology will enable excellent education that will be accessible to all. Schools have now evolved from the traditional model and have built a strong online infrastructure. Presently, the speed at which people are gaining knowledge has been growing constantly, and so are the needs of students. Such educational institutions need to invest more and more in technology and incorporate it in their day-to-day working. This will engage and help the students in better understanding and knowledge retention capability.

The quick shift from traditional learning to e-learning has been full of challenges for the schools as well as for students and their parents. Balancing the needs of everyone is a difficult task. Institutions are also learning to get a strong hold of this learning mode. From conducting live lectures to uploading study material and conducting examinations, the institutions are giving it all for the students to learn better.

E-learning Trends to Follow

Being a source of innovation, EdTech always enhances education. During the pandemic, EdTech has not only transformed the traditional classroom learning experience but also has changed the way lectures are conducted. AI has played a great role personalizing and enhancing education among students. It is also used to automate activities such as grading and giving feedback on the particularly those areas which need improvement. EdTech platforms use one more innovative technology that is cloud computing. Cloud computing has enabled the access to high-tech education to everyone. EdTech platforms provides an anytime-anywhere access to information that is stored in remote cloud servers. It has now become easy for the students to experience advanced learning seamlessly. It has become one of the most important aspects of accelerating digital learning.

The key trend of digital learning includes the need for up-skilling courses with user-generated and curated content. This is in demand among the people who are learning and working remotely. This will help in determining the most effective content that matches the student’s needs efficiently, resulting in a positive user engagement and hence, an optimum outcome. As and when the technology will develop, these new trends will develop. The pillars around which the technology and the new trends will advance will be – customized learning, engagement, accessibility and user-centric learning.

India has a dynamic education system. Its collaboration with the modern technology can be a useful tool which may help in increasing engagement and efficiency among communities. Adopting the right tools enables enhanced teaching, which will ultimately raise student’s accomplishments. Hence, more and more educational institutions should digitize themselves, and get a good hold in the tech space soon before it is too late. In this way, they can definitely give their students the kind of education that will enrich their vocational capabilities as well as the quality of cognitive. Educational institutions should look at technology partnerships as a crucial investment towards the future of their students. They should not compromise with the expansion and the quality of this area, as today, it has become a necessity.

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