Anand Prakash, Co-founder & Head of Academics, Vedantu

Anand Prakash is Co-Founder and Head of Academics at Vedantu, Vedantu- India’s leading Online EdTech company which has LIVE interactive model and enables students to learn LIVE with some of India’s best-curated teachers. Anand co-founded Lakshya in 2006, along with his childhood friends Pulkit Jain and Vamsi Krishna. Lakshya was their first educational venture in 2006 which was a Test Prep company in North India which got acquired by MTEducare, a listed company, in 2012. Vedantu is their second venture together in education.


Engineering has been a part of human civilization since the very inception of mankind. From making ancient tools to building the latest gadgets, these interventions have designed and shaped the world around us. As opportunities and abilities evolve, the coming new generation possesses its own set of innovative thinkers. With its diverse spectrum, engineering has left its footprint in all avenues of life.

Here are a few examples of the revolutionary wonders back by engineering that we pass by in daily life:

  1. Building blocks of the world: Many of you must have come across the tall Burj Khalifa. The foundation of the massive structure is built through concrete, one of the most widely used man-made materials. Along with cement, it is used to develop the infrastructure in which we reside. The knowledge of civil engineering has helped build bridges, dams, tunnels and many more, sustaining our civilization for over many generations.
  2. At the core of our health: When we think about healthcare the first thing that comes to our mind are doctors, however, the true nature of medicine is often a combined initiative between science and engineering. The discovery of Penicillin, for instance, was through scientific engineering. This antibiotic has improved the life span of an individual, fighting infections, and protecting health for a long time.
  3. Renewing the source of energy: As global warming continues to be a growing concern in today’s world, engineers are at the forefront of driving a better change. By powering things small and big, electric engineering is changing the way we generate energy by incorporating sustainable means such as solar, wind and water energy. By fitting in high-voltage current safely into appliances, these engineers are making a difference one gadget at a time.
  4. High-tech innovations: Engineering tenets have always been about solving complex problems and simplifying them to make lives productive. Be it transportation, manufacturing, automobile, software and so on, engineering has always played a pivotal role in our endeavours. To further simplify them for the next gen, 5G, AI and ML will help engineers build robots and drive revolutionary innovations to get ready for the future.

The importance of engineering has soared to greater heights as we increasingly use technology to connect people. Combined with the growth of interest and increase in the number of specialised courses, engineering of all streams such as electronics, electrical, mechanical, automotive, aeronautic, telecommunications, chemical, biotechnology, etc, are here to transform dreams into reality.

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