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Empowering Women to the Change the World

Established in 1919 by the Ursuline Sisters, Brescia University emerged as a beacon of empowerment, driven by their tireless dedication to social justice, community service, and the boundless potential of women. The inaugural graduating class of Brescia comprised a mere seven students who eagerly embraced the institution’s values-based education, spanning various enriching Liberal Arts disciplines. “While Brescia has flourished over the years, boasting a thriving student population of 1,500, our unwavering commitment to nurturing women’s personal and professional growth remains resolute. Through an array of paid leadership opportunities, groundbreaking research endeavours, transformative internships, and a holistic approach to academics and wellness, we wholeheartedly celebrate the uniqueness of every woman. Our university provides unwavering support to help them reach their full potential,” says Dr. Lauretta Frederking, President of Brescia University.

Aligned with its esteemed affiliation with Western University, a prestigious U15 institution, Brescia University offers students the invaluable advantage of graduating with a globally-recognized Western degree. At Brescia, Canada’s only all-women’s university, students thrive in the intimate and supportive environment of its all-women campus while enjoying direct access to the vibrant co-ed atmosphere at Western. Situated just a brief five-minute stroll from the heart of Western, students can immerse themselves in a wealth of experiences, with over 200 clubs, international events, varsity athletics and courses tailored to their bright futures.

A Vibrant Campus to Explore and Embrace

The Brescia campus, nestled amidst natural splendour, seamlessly blends serene surroundings with upscale amenities, elevating the university experience for its students. Each Brescia student has a single room featuring a queen-sized bed (60” X 80”), floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light, spacious closets, and a personal desk/workspace offering an inspiring view of the lush campus. Furthermore, Brescia’s world-renowned School of Foods & Nutritional Sciences ensures students can anticipate exquisite dining experiences that are health-conscious and evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity reminiscent of home.

At Brescia, the institution understands that an exceptional university experience encompasses not only academic pursuits but also its students’ overall well-being and enrichment. Through its unparalleled offerings, Brescia strives to provide an environment that nurtures personal growth, fosters academic excellence, and creates unforgettable memories that will shape the trajectory of its students’ lives.

Making World-Class Women Leaders

Brescia University takes immense pride in its alumnae who emerge as influential leaders across various sectors. “Not only are our alumnae gainfully employed, but they leverage their Brescia competencies to give back and make the world a safer, more equitable and vibrant place,” pinpoints Dr. Frederking. From international award winners to CEOs, founders, and elite business professionals, the bold women of Brescia excel in the “Big Four” firms, esteemed graduate schools, courtrooms, boardrooms, and operating rooms worldwide.

To support the ongoing success of its students, Brescia provides a Professional Mentorship Program that connects them with accomplished alumnae. Additionally, throughout the year, the university organizes events where Brescia leaders from renowned organizations such as PwC, Deloitte, EY, top law firms, Microsoft, and the United Nations engage with current students. These events are invaluable platforms for sharing their personal journeys, establishing pivotal connections, and inspiring students to thrive at Brescia and beyond.

The commitment of Brescia’s alumnae to mentorship and engagement reflects the university’s core values of fostering personal and professional growth. By bridging the gap between academia and real-world experiences, Brescia ensures its students are well-equipped to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields and continue the legacy of leadership established by their distinguished predecessors.

“Our graduates consistently share that Brescia was the perfect place to develop the confidence to exceed their professional goals, as leadership opportunities are readily available. At larger universities, you may need to compete against thousands of students for a spot-on Students’ Council for financial support or hands-on research activities. But, at Brescia, our campus size means life-changing opportunities are readily available to those who seek them,” explains Dr. Frederking. Ultimately, Brescia’s commitment to providing a vibrant and empowering educational experience, coupled with its intimate campus size, sets the stage for students to embrace life-changing opportunities that will shape their personal and professional trajectories.

Brescia University provides an environment where students from around the world can fully dedicate themselves to their studies, career development, and extracurricular activities. With an average class size of 25, students enjoy direct contact with their professors and the opportunity to build long-term relationships with them. This average class size is a tremendous and unique benefit of the campus, as many North American universities have first-year classes with more than 250 students in them. Within these overcrowded lecture halls, it’s easy to get lost and difficult to participate. Brescia’s participation and relationship-based approach ensures students receive highly personalized reference letters from educators who are genuinely invested in their success. This is one of the many reasons Brescia students are remarkably successful at applying to and succeeding within top graduate schools. Moreover, professors at Brescia actively involve students in collaborative research, academic publications, conference presentations, and other enriching opportunities, further enhancing their resumes and academic experiences.

Brescia University’s esteemed professors have made significant contributions to various research areas. Their recent publications have covered crucial topics such as the impact of vaping, strategies for enhancing women’s safety in urban environments, and the intricate relationship between affordable housing, food scarcity, and sustainability. “An ongoing area of research focus at Brescia is women’s leadership and empowerment. So, our students are exposed to the best and most effective approaches to addressing systemic inequity and preparing women to succeed within all environments,” says Dr. Frederking.

Tailoring Academic Programs to Suit Personal Interests

Brescia University offers its students a unique advantage by providing courses across all four campuses of Western University, opening up a world of possibilities for program combinations. This flexibility allows students to explore a limitless range of academic pathways. Brescia’s diverse international student community, accounting for approximately 15 percent of the student population, demonstrates a strong interest in programs such as Health Sciences, Management and Organizational Studies, Psychology, and Family Studies & Human Development.

One exceptional feature of Brescia is its distinction as one of only three universities in Canada authorized to grant Registered Dietetics degrees. Brescia Dieticians graduate equipped with the knowledge and expertise to excel in their field, often attaining prominent positions within hospitals, leading food companies, or establishing successful entrepreneurial ventures. Their contributions reach the highest levels of the profession, significantly impacting health and nutrition practices worldwide.

“We have also seen an exceptional uptake of international students with our Management and Organizational Studies Diploma. This post-graduate degree program allows students to build upon the skills and expertise needed to succeed within diverse corporate environments,” shares Dr. Frederking. By offering diverse programs and academic opportunities, Brescia University remains committed to providing its students with a comprehensive and internationally recognized education.

Brescia University prioritizes the employability and financial flexibility of international students. From the moment students choose Brescia, they receive support for paid experiential learning, enhancing their portfolios and preparing them for success in the Canadian job market. Collaborating with career readiness agency Devant and the Global Education Program Coordinator, Brescia assists students in navigating the visa process and accessing the CAD 2.4 million annual scholarships. This comprehensive support ensures international students are well-equipped to excel academically and professionally at Brescia and once they graduate.

Opportunities Beyond the Academics

The opportunities for student-athletes at Brescia University are remarkable. All Brescia students have the eligibility to become part of the esteemed Western Mustangs, participating in various varsity teams. Whether it be tennis, rowing, soccer, fencing, swimming, or any other sport, Brescia students proudly represent the university across all Western teams. In the latest academic year alone, Brescia students achieved great prestige, garnering over 50 student-athlete awards in recognition of their outstanding athletic prowess and academic accomplishments.

Brescia University attracts elite athletes who seek the perfect blend of academic excellence and athletic achievement. With its luxury residence, nutritional food and accommodating professors, Brescia creates spaces that support student-athletes to reach their fullest potential, fostering a balance of physical fitness, discipline, and academic success required to compete at the highest level in university sports. With access to top-notch facilities and resources, Brescia provides student-athletes with the tools they need to excel in their chosen sports while maintaining a commitment to their studies.

Expanding the Horizon

In the past year, Brescia University has significantly strengthened its global outreach by establishing connections in various regions, including India, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. “We work with high schools, universities, foundations and high-powered individuals to connect with potential students seeking a prestigious yet personalized education,” states Dr. Frederking.

Brescia University provides comprehensive support to international students, including International Bridging Week, where students engage with the wider Western community, explore Ontario’s top destinations, and prepare for university life. Throughout the year, Brescia organizes a range of events that celebrate cultural differences and foster a vibrant community. These events include the International Cooking Showdown, Global Fashion Show, and engaging speakers representing different nationalities. By embracing and showcasing the richness of diverse lived experiences, Brescia continually cultivates an inclusive and celebratory atmosphere.

Through these initiatives, Brescia University endeavours to create a global network of students, enhance cultural exchange, and provide international students with a welcoming and enriching educational experience.

For More Info: http://www.brescia.uwo.ca/international.php

About Dr. Lauretta Frederking, President, Brescia University 

After three years as Brescia’s Academic Dean, Dr. Frederking was named the new President of Canada’s forerunner in women’s post-secondary #education. Dr. Frederking’s appointment speaks to her strengths as an academic with a lengthy curriculum vitae, a strong leader and social justice advocate. The significance of Dr. Frederking’s accomplishment is underlined by the fact only 20% of university presidents are women, and nearly 90% of Canadian public institutions are run by men. Dr. Frederking has recently been celebrated as the 2023 YMCA Women of Excellence Honoree in Arts, Culture, Education & Training.

Dr. Frederking’s achievements are made even more exceptional by the evolving history of women’s universities. Educational environments designed to uplift women are integral to building a world that is safer and more equitable. Research shows women’s university alumnae are better prepared for their careers, more likely to attend graduate school, more involved in extracurricular activities, and reportedly more self-confident than their co-ed counterparts.

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