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Headquartered at Paderno del Grappa, TV, CIMBA offers dynamic, personal, and affordable study abroad, MBA, graduate, and executive programs at the base of the Italian Alps in northern Italy. Every year, CIMBA draws globally curious students who seek a cross-cultural business and communications experience steeped in leadership and personal development and backed by a top-ranked, AACSB-accredited, U.S.-degree program.

CIMBA’s MBA program is more than just a diploma. It is rather an opportunity to grow beyond what seems possible. CIMBA develops the leader inside all, which is exactly what the future of the ever-evolving workforce is itching for.

Dr. Al H. Ringleb, President and Founder, CIMBA

The Story of Entrepreneurship & Adventure

Nearly 25 years ago, CIMBA’s President and Founder, Dr. Al H. Ringleb, envisioned creating a unique international MBA program to open new opportunities abroad for students and faculty. The idea was to draw students from around the world to pursue their MBA while giving faculty from top American colleges and universities an opportunity to gain international experience teaching business courses at an accredited program in Europe.

CIMBA was established in 1991, and within a few years, the curriculum expanded beyond MBA programs to include study abroad opportunities for graduate and undergraduate business students. As CIMBA grew, Dr. Ringleb became more intrigued with neuroscience and how the human brain works. He saw the implications this work could have on building personal development and leadership competencies within the CIMBA environment.

Today, these innovations are infused into all of CIMBA’s programs to assist and guide students to learn more about themselves as they seek to become better managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. This primary focus on the student and their personal journey remains integral to the CIMBA experience.

What Makes CIMBA an Ideal Destination for Higher Education?

For two decades, CIMBA has educated students from more than 50 countries and is proud to have over 10,000 alumni living and working worldwide. Here, students can earn an international MBA degree from the top-ranked, AACSB-accredited University of Iowa Tippie College of Business and study on two continents along the way.

At the onset, CIMBA’s MBA program begins on its Italian campus, where students are immersed in coursework and seminars to develop core MBA competencies and leadership skills. In June, the graduating students travel to the University of Iowa for the final month to complete a real-world business simulation course and receive their degree at a formal University of Iowa graduation ceremony. The full-time students must complete a consulting project to apply what they are learning in their courses and the leadership development program to a real multinational business. In addition, weekend classes are taken with part-time students who live and work in Italy and Europe, creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment. As a result, CIMBA’s MBA program prepares students with technical business skills and includes unique, experiential leadership development seminars, team-building activities, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Campus Facilities & Accommodations

On CIMBA’s campus, students can access the Hawk recreation room, study rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and athletic facilities.

With physical and mental well-being as integral part of the CIMBA development experience, these facilities include a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, a cardio and weight room, a gymnasium, an outdoor basketball court, a tennis court, and a soccer field. Mental well-being is supported by an interesting Mindfulness Program.

The campus cafeteria offers daily set meals that are fulfilling, delicious, and healthy!

Regarding accommodations, CIMBA’s MBA students typically live in studio apartments or houses off-campus. During the first week of arrival, CIMBA arranges a meeting with a local real estate agent for a group of students, who are shown a few possible accommodations. This becomes easier for international students to find a safe, secure base and smoothly begin their learning journeys.

Supported by a Consortium of Top U.S. Universities

CIMBA has partnered with a consortium of 36 of some of the leading universities in the United States to create a network of universities that actively encourage students, faculty, and staff to seek personal development and growth through international, cross-cultural academic experiences. This consortium, led by the University of Iowa, is a non-profit organisation committed to international business, communication, and global leadership development.

The consortium also helps CIMBA draw from the best that the member universities offer in terms of faculty and student participants. Hence, CIMBA’s study abroad, MBA, and executive students are mainly taught by faculty from institutions such as the University of Iowa, University of Kansas, University of Colorado, University of Arkansas, University of Delaware, University of Tulsa and many more. The CIMBA staff remains committed to supporting, encouraging, and sharing their experiences with students as they navigate their career pathways.

Small and Personal by Design

CIMBA’s educational philosophy is based on personalised learning. The small class sizes allow CIMBA’s faculty of scholars and mentors to work one-on-one with students and incorporate small-group discussions and hands-on learning opportunities such as company tours and cultural excursions.

Its unique personal development experience is anchored by ICF Certified Coaches who work we students one-on-one.

Furthermore, its curriculum is infused with leadership and personal development programming designed to help students develop skills to turn ideas into practical innovations and to build confidence in their abilities to overcome the most demanding challenges. Currently, CIMBA’s courses have a 35:1 student-faculty ratio.

Innovation in Leadership

CIMBA’s Leadership Institute is built on a foundation of real-world experiences, assessments, coaching, neuroscience, and ground-breaking tools. These tools include educational apps that the institution infuses into nearly all its programs and classrooms.

Development is further accelerated by the LIFE Leadership Training and the LIVE 2 Influence Workshop. The latter is a studio-based learning experience that crafts the art and science of influence and persuasion.

Future-Proofing Students

Numerous initiatives are taken by CIMBA as students’ career success is given utmost importance. On its campus in Italy, CIMBA hosts career workshops to help students learn more about developing their career strategies. It also gives access to several career service resources at the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, including job search strategies, resume and cover letter templates, webinars etc. Likewise, CIMBA faculty members are keen to write insightful letters of recommendation for their students, often because the small class sizes provide an opportunity to truly get to know students’ strengths.

This is not all. CIMBA has a comprehensive group of personal coaches in Italy who are there to review, build, and strengthen students’ resumes, thereby helping them futureproof their careers in the business world. In addition, CIMBA has deep connections with recruiters and companies in Italy and beyond. Many of these companies reach out to find full-time employees.

Affordable Programs & Multiple Scholarships to Support Students’ Higher Education Dreams

CIMBA has long been recognised for program affordability and offers a superior academic experience that exceeds students’ expectations at a cost far below typical Europe-based MBA programs. Also, since most other MBA programs take two years to complete, CIMBA’s students get to save one year of tuition fees, living expenses, and the opportunity cost of being out of the workforce. It is a demanding year, but a year that creates a learning environment much more consistence with the real-world.

Apart from this, CIMBA offers some merit-based and need-based scholarships. They are provided for prospective global leaders with strong qualifications and are assigned on a competitive basis to the best candidates after an offer of admission has been made. Scholarships result in a deduction from the MBA tuition costs and do not involve a disbursement of money.

Student Testimonials

Mauro Simioni, who completed MBA from CIMBA in 2002, said, “CIMBA is more than a program. It was an exceptional year, literally “out of the ordinary”. I guess it will not happen again in my life to be able to spend 1 year studying, in a beautiful environment, with people that are still – after almost 20 years – part of my life.”

Likewise, Tunc Kip, who undertook an MBA program in 2006, shared, “CIMBA’s MBA program unlocked a new way of thinking and created new topics for me to think about. Before attending the program, I didn’t have the mindset of focusing on processes that lead to successful results, I didn’t know how important it was to ask the right questions. However, CIMBA’s MBA program enabled me to start thinking about leadership, coaching, problem-solving, team building, and what they all meant in every part of my life.”

From CIMBA’s MBA full-time class of 2002, Scott Newton highlighted, “The program had a significant impact on my life and career. I would not be based in Europe today, would not have had several of the amazing opportunities I have been able to leverage, nor would I be working in Strategy, M&A, and Governance without the program. This is a theme I hear from so many of my colleagues and CIMBA participants: whether you are ready for it or not, CIMBA will change your life.”

A Truly Transformational Experience

Students at CIMBA can experience new cultures, make new friends, develop new aspirations, explore new opportunities, and walk away with a global network of friendships and career connections. They find a place where they will acquire new knowledge not only from textbooks, classmates, and professors; but also, by digging into their strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, many find the real answer to that important personal question: “Who am I?” and, with that, follows “Where am I going?”.

Similarly, CIMBA gives students access to one of the most comprehensive, highly personalised coaching programs. Students have one-on-one sessions with coaches who help them explore issues such as managing daily stress and conflict, developing better social skills, adapting to social transitions, and more. The MBA students also learn fundamental coaching skills such as giving and receiving feedback, asking powerful questions, active listening, identifying potential in others, and being a facilitator. Altogether, CIMBA students emerge more aware of who they are and how they can make a difference in the world.

In fact, that is CIMBA’s definition of success: “How have I made an important difference in the lives of others?”.

Moving Forward

In the coming years, CIMBA will continue to provide innovative and unique programs, that build global leaders and lead the way in international business and leadership education.

For More Info: https://cimbaitaly.com/

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