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Established in 1989, the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business (Lok Jack GSB) is a joint initiative between the University of the West Indies and the private sector. Lok Jack GSB is the Caribbean’s focal point for business training, a hub for the southern Caribbean, and a gateway to Latin America.

Moreover, the MBA programmes offered by Lok Jack GSB are accredited by the Association of MBAs and the Institute of Leadership and Management in the United Kingdom.

An Extensive Array of Academic Programmes

At Lok Jack GSB, six business degrees are offered; five post-graduate degrees and one bachelor’s degree. The post-graduate academic portfolio of programmes includes Masters in Business Administration, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), HR, Marketing, and Finance. These post-graduate programmes enable students to develop an understanding of businesses and the environments they operate in, as well as skills such as strategic planning and project management.

Likewise, students who complete the Bachelor of International Business programme (with mandatory Spanish as a 2nd language) prepare students with the skills, attitude, and mindset to identify and take advantage of international opportunities to create successful global businesses.

Pedagogy, Curriculum & Teaching Practices

The Academic Director of Lok Jack GSB, Dr Sookram shares, “Our programme content is designed to help candidates broaden their worldview, develop critical thinking, and adopt a pragmatic approach to problem-solving.”

Moreover, the teaching and learning strategies of various academic programmes are multifaceted and integrated. Students can voice their opinions and sharpen their skills by interacting with peers. This collaborative learning process and the practical teaching approach build a strong foundation for the student’s career development. The academic programmes also ensure inclusivity and diversity by giving relevant case studies and inviting multi-cultural guest speakers.

An Expert Team of Faculty

The faculty members of Lok Jack GSB come from culturally diverse backgrounds and bring academic excellence and hands-on experience to the table.

Owing to their competencies and capabilities, the faculty of Lok Jack GSB translates the school’s aspirations into sequential behaviour steps, not just by learning but also through personal transformation. Likewise, by utilising the program curricula’s roadmap, they can also fulfil the school’s critical mission of igniting the creative power in students who will go ahead and become the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Nurturing Global Partnerships & Collaborations

Over the years, the experience of building international partnerships and linkages has proved beneficial for Lok Jack GSB. Some of the key collaborators with whom the business school has outlined programmes and projects include the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK), Florida International University (US), and George Washington University (US).

In light of this, Lok Jack GSB has a dual-degree partnership with Florida International University (FIU) for its bachelor of International Business degree. Students have the option of obtaining a second degree from either of the institutions. Through this partnership, Lok Jack GSB’s students can complete the final year of their programme at FIU. Upon graduation, students will have a Bachelor of International Business from UWI- Arthur Lok Jack GSB and a BBA in International Business from FIU. Furthermore, students also become eligible to apply for FIU’s Optional Practical Training (OPT) and work for 1 year after graduation.

Creating an Innovation Space to Solve Real-World Problems

According to Dr Sookram, through Lok Jack GSB’s capstone integrated project, students are given the platform to conduct a live organisational intervention to address key management issues. The student team designs and assists in implementing innovative solutions in organisations with real-world problems. Moreover, in-course group assessments require candidates to apply learnings from their courses in solving operational issues, which also serve as a mechanism to provide creative initiatives or ideas.

Specially Curated Programme for Preparing Future Entrepreneurs

In the current business environment, SMEs require trained business professionals capable of confidently and finely executing tasks at hand and possess the expertise to operate across a number of disciplines.

Keeping this scenario in mind, Lok Jack GSB has revised its master’s of SMEs programme, which now focuses on teaching knowledge and skills for the management of SMEs and the different life cycle phases involved in it. Likewise, the Bachelor of International Business programme has created a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs who have started social media management firms, art supply stores, foreign language translational services, and much more.

International Student Testimonials

To date, Lok Jack GSB has trained more than 20,000 students locally, regionally, and internationally. Students, in turn, have shared their experiences about the business school and how their MBA degrees have become a stepping stone in converting their passion into a career, expanding their businesses, and giving an overall positive learning experience.

Mr Sheldon Daniel, Director and Principal Consultant of SXD Leadership Communications Ltd, who pursued an MBA from Lok Jack GSB, said, “The greatest contribution of the Arthur Lok Jack GSB has been to professionalise business, and its challenge is to continue producing the most important and influential business thinkers of the world.”

Another student, Mr Marciano Li-A-Young, Managing Partner, OTNV, shared that his master’s degree in SMEs Management programme from Lok Jack GSB helped expand his business internationally and form successful partnerships with regional companies. Mr Jiangning Yang, Manager, Bank Card Centre, Bank of China Ltd., remarked that Lok Jack GSB’s team was very accommodating, fulfilled his educational requirements, and made the entire learning experience interactive and authentic.

An Exceptional Alumni Program

Lok Jack GSB has a remarkable alumni program that cultivates professional networks, supports continuous learning, provides career resources, and enhances the value of the academic degree. As a result, alumni benefit personally through access to leadership and social networking events and professionally through career support and executive education activities. Similarly, they also have access to the latest research, networking opportunities with Lok Jack GSB’s faculty, alumni, staff, and students, and access to school resources.

This is not all. Lok Jack GSB’s students have a chance to become a part of the Alumni Board or an Alumni Ambassador or attend any of the alumni events, including the Business Mixer, Distinguished Alumni Series, Career Month or Reunion & Cocktails and Career Fairs with some of the leading multilateral agencies including the InterAmerican Development Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

Dr Sookram, The Academic Director, Lok Jack GSB,

Beating the Pandemic Blues

At the onset of the global pandemic, the physical campus of UWI Arthur Lok Jack GSB was shut down. Already a step ahead in offering a blended learning model, the business school seamlessly transitioned to online classes in less than 12 hours. Moreover, Dr Sookram and his team invested the last two years in reviewing the academic programmes at postgraduate and undergraduate levels and modified the programmes’ content to remain industry-relevant and future-ready students for the current business environment.

Progressive initiatives such as these depict Lok Jack GSB’s readiness through the school’s turnaround, the programs’ adaptation to the new market needs, and the delivery adjustment to meet the changing student profile. From September 2022, the business school will re-open its campus and welcome students in person or online.

Future Plans

UWI- Arthur Lok Jack GSB plans to increase its linkages with the industry by engaging organisations through research and publication of case studies and practice management-related articles. Moreover, the premier business school of the Caribbean aims to further train its faculty to enhance teaching/learning in the online environment and ensure that the classroom experience is ongoingly relevant and enriching to students.

For More Info: https://lokjackgsb.edu.tt/

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