Shrey Anand, EHL Hospitality Business School Bachelor Student in International Hospitality Management

Shrey Anand is a global citizen of Indian lineage, enrolled in EHL’s Bachelor programme for International Hospitality Management in Lausanne, Switzerland. His work experiences in The Upper House, Hong Kong and HEIMA, a Swiss hospitality start up, are his skillset shapers towards the actualisation of his aspirations as a hotelier owner of a boutique hotel chain. His creative pursuits in addition to poetry, photography has culminated into – The Boy with Wings – video series exploring alternative perspectives. His ultimate desire is to bolster a compassionate and resensitised community, curating sensitivity and respect for all.


Soft skills, interpersonal dynamics and hard skills – welcome to the world of hospitality management. With the world travelling again, exploring new places, hospitality is beginning to thrive again. And with it must thrive those that create the industry. 

So you may ask – how do I thrive? 

What does it take? 

The answer lies in the words written in this guide – a simple Thus, it is principally 5-step process:

1. Be well prepared to learn from the best to beat the best. 

The age-old phrase – to be the best you must beat the best. To beat the best, you need to be appropriately geared and prepared. This can be achieved by receiving the crème de la crème of education in institutes like EHL Hospitality Business School. Such institutes provide you with a strong foundational basis starting at the operational level and ending at the managerial or administrative level. 

The curricula of top hospitality management institutes aim to develop a wholistic professional profile. However, to reach these institutes it is often beneficial to explore industry trends, find internships or shadowing opportunities to understand and experience first-hand ‘real-world’ occurrences. This will help cement a fundamental perspective of the current state of the industry – its nuances, points of improvement, areas of progress and most importantly, help you find avenues of interest within the wide array of industry opportunities. 

2. Have real-world experience to thrive in the changing environments.

These internships (both prior and during) your hospitality management journey will help you identify specific niches that spark your interest. They also serve as great ‘testbenches’ to assess and apply the theoretical elements you will learn in your classes. Often the application of certain theories is substantially different from your initial understanding. For those keen on becoming industry leaders, entrepreneurs and stalwarts – these opportunities are great points of reflection and refinement for your leadership style and your long-term professional vision. 

Such instances provide you with key skills like agility, adaptability, flexibility and improvisation which aid, in tandem, your progress as future professional. With interactions in hospitality being consistently unique, real-world experiences help formulate a reliable and refined approach you may want to implement. 

3. Embrace diversity in perspectives, opportunities and education.

This very uniqueness is a product of our interconnected world. With cultures, experiences, perspectives and opportunities colliding, we find ourselves in a melting pot of diversity. Globalisation, technology and social media have made this diversity accessible. This accessibility is what promotes curiosity and a desire to explore other cultures through different opportunities and experiences to broaden one’s horizons. It is the basis of adopting an international mindset. And in embracing an international mindset with a degree of sensitivity, empathy and attention lead to memorable experiences and long-lasting relationships. Both of which are critical irrespective of the hospitality segment.

4. Explore the ever-changing nature of hospitality

You might be wondering – ‘hospitality segment’? Isn’t It just hotels and restaurants?

And the answer to that is – no. Hospitality is much more!

It is an ever-changing and evolving industry with transferrable skillsets that enable you to access any job opportunity ranging from traditional front office, F&B roles all the way to consultancy, valuation, asset management, marketing, finance and many more! The industry as we knew it is a much larger place. However, your preparation in a top institute combined with internships, apprenticeships and more would have prepared you for all that the industry has in store. 

With a multitude of experiences, theories and opportunities to apply those learnings you would already have embarked and progressed to levels that can lead you to work in international destinations in roles spanning industries. Here communities and networks reign supreme and provide the key gateways to realise your professional aspirations. This leads you to the final step – seizing the opportunities you have before you. 

5. And finally, explore the opportunities you have prepared yourself for.

This last step is critical, it is indicative of the fruition of your efforts. Another step in achieving your aspirations and perhaps even finding new ones.

To the reader, the destination is one for you to reach, the guide a simple process.  And the journey – yours to make the most of. 

So, seize the opportunity and Godspeed!

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