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Kounal re-imagines education for working professionals with the right mix of adaptable technology, effective content and experienced trainers. An entrepreneur by passion, Kounal has experience building products across various industries and product types. Currently he serves as the CEO of Henry Harvin. Starting Henry Harvin, Kounal’s own business venture, required little afterthought because Kounal had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and in his own words, he “digested business daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner”. Before turning 18 Kounal had already started a business and later made several attempts to establish a business before successfully launching Henry Harvin. He gravitated towards establishing a company that imparted new skills to others because he always had a passion for learning new skills himself.


India is the second-largest destination for healthcare outsourcing the majority of US hospitals, healthcare organizations, and other companies outsource their work to India. The demand for specialists, particularly trained medical coders, is rapidly rising as a result. In the healthcare delivery system, medical coders are essential.

The process of standardizing recorded medical words is known as medical coding. For repeatability, uniformity, and validity in clinical research, it is crucial to utilize standardized terminology in clinical trials. Medical coders are in charge of converting doctors’ reports into practical medical codes. These experts perform their work in the background in a variety of scenarios, making sure that all relevant data is correctly entered to guarantee correctness and consistency.

Medical coding is about learning the CPT (Current Procedure Terminology), ICD (International Classification of Diseases), and HCPCS code sets (Health Care Procedural Coding System). These code sets assist coders in describing the medical operation carried out on a patient in response to that patient’s condition as well as their current state of health.

While there are many institutions in India that provide the best Medical Coding courses, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Medical Coding Learning Institutions to help you narrow down your options. You may wish to strongly examine these courses if you hope to use this to carve out a professional path.

Henry Harvin: For those who want to cover milestones in their career must go for the Medical Coding course offered by India’s leading Ed-Tech company – Henry Harvin. With this Medical Coding course one can become an expert in all facets of medical terminology and coding.

The 90 Hours of Two-way Live Online Interactive Sessions will give detailed learning on topics such as HCPCS, ICD-10, and CPT. The course is delivered by the most respected industry experts with 15+ years of working experience.

Elate Academy: Elate Academy, the medical coding training facility recognised by the AAPC, boasts of academic programmes and classroom facilities of the highest caliber. The training materials and lectures help students comprehend the fundamental principles of medical coding.

The AAPC learning portal allows for flexible learning at your convenience and gives 1 month of free externship training upon course completion.

South Indian Medical Coding Academy (SIMCA): SIMCA offers the top medical coding education. The training provided here has been endorsed by coaches who hold AAPC certification. Basic medical coding, the Certified Procedural Coding Course (CPC), an internship for the ICD-10, and many other topics are covered in the medical coding course in India provided by SIMCA.

This 30-day course is designed for quick learning. Books, practice exams, coding projects, and other materials are all available to the students.

Cigma Medical Coding Academy: The medical coding courses that Cigma offers are distinctive in their own way. Because it offers a step-by-step learning process and places a focus on the examination of more contemporary topics by the students as well as the use of manageable-sized learning resources.

The instructors for the courses are skilled experts in the subject who have earned worldwide certifications and training. Additionally, the training is career-focused for the students. The curriculum for the course also includes it. There is always help available for the students.

AOP Training Institute: AOP Training Institute strives to provide learning and training to medical coding and billing courses. All of AOP’s courses are entirely certified and geared for the workplace.

AOP has a team of knowledgeable and knowledgeable mentors who bestow the best guidance on their students. In this Medical Coding course the students will learn about Medical terms, Pathology, Basic pharmacology (the lessons of the remedial use of medication), Anatomy and physiology (learn about living systems), The ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding systems etc. which will boost the carrier of course aspirant.

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