Kunal Mehra, International Educational Consultant, Crimson Education India

Kunal Mehra is the International Education Consultant for Crimson’s India office. He has spent over 16 years in the Education sector across different verticals including holding positions at some of the world’s leading education and technology companies such as Coursera and the College Board. At the College Board, Kunal was the Director South Asia at the College Board, looking over the expansion of College Board programs such as SAT and AP in India. Kunal was also part of the core founding team at a Law and Technology company, Rainmaker, which built the Bar Exam in India and also built one of India’s first asynchronous learning platform – myLaw.net. Kunal graduated with a bachelor’s in economics from University of Delhi and had admits from the Wharton School (MBA) and the North-western University (Accelerated JD).

Each year, thousands of ambitious high school students dream of studying at one of the Ivy League universities, and this number only seems to be growing year on year. In the United States, the eight Ivy League universities – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania, are among the oldest institutions of higher education. These universities are known worldwide for their beautiful campuses, esteemed faculty, diverse communities, wide-ranging resources, and of course — the many opportunities graduates enjoy after earning their degree. From Columbia’s bustling New York City campus to Dartmouth’s quaint New England locale, each of the Ivies offers a one-of-a-kind student experience.

Let’s delve a little deeper into what students stand to gain from an education at the Ivy Leagues. 

World-Class Resources

An Ivy League education grants you access to research and studying materials crafted by the most brilliant minds. Professors at Ivy League universities are subject matter experts in their specific topics and issues of import. They’re encouraged and, most times, expected to perform research on these topics for the university, while generating new theories in topics students are already studying, providing them with leading-edge and timely research.

Powerful Networking Opportunities


With graduates dating back to the 1700s,  one of the most beneficial aspects of the Ivy League education is the power of the alumni network. This network consists of all graduates from a particular university, well beyond college friendships. Alumni connections are often the first post-graduation job source and Ivy Leagues are renowned for their solid and welcoming alumni networks. Being an active member of these networks of an elite group of graduates, can significantly impact your life and the future of your career. Furthermore, you can leverage this solid networking by obtaining internships that may lead to future employment opportunities at world-renowned companies and agencies, well before graduating.

Head Start on a Career Path

One of the key aspirations for students, throughout their graduation, is to secure that jump start in their career.  An Ivy League education can give you a head start in highly competitive fields like finance, law, and business consulting. These universities and their alumni networks have strong relationships with top global companies, who understand that the Ivies house some of the best and brightest students, so they’ll hire directly from the source. 

Higher Starting Salaries

Multiple studies and industry sources have confirmed that graduates with a bachelor’s degree had an average income of $54,700 and those with a master’s degree or higher had an income of $65,000 per annum. Attending a university in the Ivy League can significantly improve your  potential to secure an above-average salary. 

An Ivy League university admission is highly valuable and can be accomplished with dedicated effort and a well-designed strategy. Candidates need to display that fervor and passion for the subject that is evident from their knowledge and research in their chosen field of study. A balanced portfolio of this passion along with extracurricular activities, leadership qualities engagement with the community ensures higher chances of admission in these universities. Remember, the Ivy Leagues are not looking for well-rounded students. They want students who will change the world.

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