Hemant Gaule, Dean, School of Communications & Reputation (SCoRe)

Hemant is an education leader based in Mumbai, India, and is passionate about education, policy, and media. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Management -Ahmedabad, he has counselled several private, social, political & government initiatives. He was a Co-founder & Director of Citizens of Accountable Governance, a team that spearheaded the national election campaign of India’s current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in 2014. After that, he has Co-founded (and is Dean of) India’s only institute dedicated to education and research in public relations – School of Communications & Reputation. In 2019 he became the first Indian to be conferred as a Fellow Accredited Public Relations Practitioners by ASEAN PR Network. 


Public Relation is an exciting career option and a constantly evolving space in India. Defining PR in the simplest form would be, it helps businesses communicate their messages to the public, media, and stakeholders in an effective way. It helps organisations uphold their prestige by managing their reputation and helping them in the times of crisis. 

Over the years, the awareness and scope of PR has increased to a great extent and the versatility of this profession makes it a fascinating career choice. One of the greatest advantages of this field is, it doesn’t matter what educational qualification or background one belongs to, they can always pursue PR, if they have an interest in communications. The other interesting facts about this profession are:

  • Endless Opportunities 

Being in PR opens many opportunities for a person to work with different brands and across various industries. Almost every company and business needs PR services to increase their brand awareness, enhance their reputation and increase customer engagement. The high demand of PR professionals has even resulted in the growth of in-dependent PR firms. It can also help a professional explore other fields within the profession like Public Affairs, Public Policy, and Brand Management to name a few. Public Relations is also practised greatly in countries like USA, Canada, Germany which opens the door to get an international exposure as well. 

  • Dynamic Nature

Public Relations is an ever-evolving and dynamic profession, where everyday is a new day for the practitioners. It continuously embraces the changes in terms of new technological innovations and trends in the industry. With the smallest of changes in a client’s industry, the communication pattern changes completely. A major role of PR in any business is helping them at the time of any crisis, and since communication plays a vital role in any crisis, it brings an opportunity for the professionals to showcase their talent and skills and help a brand in communicating their side of the story to the public and more necessarily, its stakeholders whose lives are directly impacted by the crisis.

  • Rapid Professional Growth

In India, Public Relations as a profession has grown multifold in the past few years and is showing more growth with each passing day. In this industry, your professional growth is not limited to the years of experience you have, but it entirely depends upon the performance of an individual. The better you communicate and contribute towards an organisation through your hard work, dedication the more you succeed in this profession.

  • Boundless Knowledge

A PR practitioner’s day starts with reading and consuming a lot of news. Over the past few years, PR has evolved very much and demand for skills has upscaled. It involves all kinds of activities like content creation, creative writing, designing and with the increasing era of digital world, skills like influencer marketing and social media management also plays a crucial part in this profession. It will make you a master of communication and help you gain an immense pool of knowledge.

  • Create an Impact

This profession gives you an opportunity to make a difference in the industry and society with the help of your hard work, creativity, dedication and discipline. A simple and smart communication strategy can contribute remarkably to the company, organisation, stakeholders and most importantly to the brand’s reputation. You become an integral part of a brand’s journey in executing their narratives and help them establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries. Brand’s journey becomes your journey and getting recognition for the work that you have done is absolutely rewarding. In this industry, you create an impact and make a difference. 

  • Immense networking opportunities

One of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of working in the PR industry is to network and collaborate with other agencies for the campaigns and several other activities. It is because some of the client’s works require you to expand the scope and diversify the approach for different projects, internally as well as externally. It also exposes you to a variety of industry, government as well as client’s events, where you get a chance to meet seasoned professionals across the industries and experts of various domains, which is a great opportunity to build connections , learn and gain knowledge from them. Such opportunities come across quite often in a PR professional’s life.

All these factors together make Public Relations a fascinating career choice. It’s exciting as well as challenging to be a part of the profession, but in the end it’s worth it for those who are really passionate about the communications field. This profession evolves you as a person from all aspects. Creativity is highly encouraged and you are free to explore your potential. You will always have opportunities to grow, learn and showcase your capabilities. With growing industry and expanding businesses, job prospects are brighter in India, in the PR Industry. 

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