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The COVID-19 impact was severe on the media and entertainment sector. When the world underwent a rapid transformation, the lockdowns and restrictions on people’s movement impacted how consumers across the globe took part in recreational activities. Undoubtedly, there was an increased pressure on media and arts professionals to provide entertainment and news for people limited by social distancing measures. The need of the hour was to develop innovative approaches to offer new choices to consumers that can be enjoyed from the safety of their homes. These innovative solutions emerged during the pandemic will continue to influence consumers across the globe as we learn how to navigate new forms of safe entertainment and news.

Today, in the wake of new norms, educators in the media and entertainment sector need to come out from the age-old teaching practices. In fact, it is imperative to prepare students to work in contemporary media by understanding the role of the internet, computer games and the convergence between ‘old’ and ‘new’ media. The new media studies require conceptual frameworks and methods of analysis that go beyond those that have been developed concerning older media.

To help students who wish to be a part of the change in media and entertainment industry, we have come up with a list of ‘10 Must-Watch Media & Mass Communication Colleges in India’ in this issue. On the cover, we feature, Sharda University’s School of Media, Film and Entertainment, where students can experience an environment of the work culture similar to the industry, which will increase the chances of getting an excellent placement.

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