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The pandemic has brought both corporates and students to a virtual world. Even the ardent advocates of boardroom meeting and classroom lectures are now embracing the video calls. Working-from-home and learning-from-home have become ‘New Norms.’ The current experience is demonstrating that the world will rapidly move towards online-centric education, including management studies. That means, there will be a sharp increase in the number of learners who would consider doing an MBA as a part-time without stepping out of their work-life to move to a specific campus. Many business academicians are also rooting for micro-classes that are becoming popular now. They claim that instead of semester-long classes, the focus will be on more in-depth, focused content in shorter periods.

On the other side, the crisis is pressing the management educators to have a relook on the syllabus and the process that they have been using to make future business leaders. The COVID-19 has proved that leadership is more than just compelling storytelling. It demands transparency and empathy from the leaders. The need of the hour is courses that will help learners to deal with complex problems and uncertainties. Besides, business schools need to start training their students in effective ways of leading teams working remotely. In future, a successful leader might be the one who can share a vision, create trust, track progress, and bring work to completion even without seeing the team members face-to-face.

In this issue, we have identified ‘20 Top-Notch B-Schools in India’ that have managed to stay strong despite the hiccups caused by the pandemic. By moving the classes off-campus and into the virtual space, these institutes have ensured that their students are safe and well-trained. On the cover, we feature Chitkara Business School, one of the fastest-growing business schools of the country that has carved its niche in the business management education category.

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