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The modern-day professionals require more than just business acumen and leadership qualities. They need to know how to use machine language strategically, interoperability and communicating through IoTs, simulating and virtualisation of real situations, ability to adapt to new situations using modular approaches, among other things.  The premier Indian B-schools are now ready to cope with challenges emerging from Industry 4.0. Many are in the process of revamping the curriculum to align it with the new skills required. They have also started introducing AI and machine learning to enhance the learning and bridge the gaps in classroom learning and making students job-ready.

On the other side, not all business schools in India have the quality parameters well in place that are comparable to their global peers. The rapid growth and proliferation of business schools have led to the emergence of some schools having dubious quality – and business education has come under scrutiny. Since the liberalization of the market during the 1990s, Indian has seen a rapid growth of business schools offering programs at both undergraduate as well as graduate levels. The b-schools that mushroomed all over the county sought to replicate the US-based organizational, pedagogical, curricula, industry-interface, and academic research models. However, they struggled to introduce several adaptations because of the differences in the work culture system. Outside of the US, India now trains the largest number of MBAs with about 75,000 degrees annually.

Today, b-schools in India are looking at aligning their goals with the school’s mission and scrutinise their purpose and decide their contribution to the development of managerial talent. With the revamp of curriculum, business schools are focusing on helping the students to develop skills of strategic thinking aimed at using these new technologies and how they create value. With that in mind, the Higher Education Digest presents to you “20 Top Notch B-Schools in India”, to celebrate their efforts in helping their students step into the industry. We recognise their support for the growing economy by bringing efficiency in the current education system.

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