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The success of your life depends a lot on the choices that you make. While some choices are inconsequential, selecting a career and a college is not. The programme you want to pursue and the campus you decide to attend will play a large part in setting your future path. Once you determine your career path, you have many ways to choose a college. You could choose one based on where you want to live, where your close relative went to school, or even where your friends plan to attend. The options are many in India – 967 Universities, 10, 725 standalone institutions and 39, 931 colleges.  

However, as per various studies, the southern region is a preferred destination for learning. It has adequate educational institutions, efficient and committed teachers, and infrastructural facilitates for professional education. Over the last few years, Higher Education’s scenario in the southern region has witnessed a manifold increase in educational activities. Today, southern states including Tami Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are among top five in terms of the number of universities in India. Further, the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of all states in the southern region is better than the national average. 

To help students who wish to pursue their higher education in South India, we have come up with a list of ‘10 Must-Watch Higher Education Institutions in South India,’ which are striving hard to give the students an in-depth mastery of the academic disciplines and applied functional areas necessary to make a successful career. We hope that our efforts will help higher education aspirants across the country to make informed decisions about their study destinations. 

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