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Being an architecture student means spending nights and days in the design studios, looking for different design ideas through group discussions and team works. Unlike many other streams of studies, an architecture aspirant needs to attend hands-on workshops, and in-person events with professors, peers, and professional architects. However, the pandemic disrupted architectural education and other design-related fields that hugely depend on studio works by going digital.

In India, it was a challenging task for architectural colleges to make a shift from the conventional learning model to online education. Although many of them quickly adapted to the changes according to the circumstances, access to a library, conducting case-studies, fabrication of workshops and many more remained as a drawback of remote learning. Now, the situation that architecture education facing now, however, is not just a response to COVID-19. The education system, including architecture studies, needs to contemplate about a making blended learning model that can cope with an unprecedented situation.

In this issue, we have come up with ’10 Must-Watch Architecture Colleges in India’ that have been able to offer quality education to the architecture aspirants by overcoming the challenges caused by the pandemic. Indeed, these colleges had already started adapting the to digital learning model, even before the pandemic hit the word. On the cover, we feature, GD Goenka University – School of Architecture and Planning (SoAP), which envisions to create an innovative platform to study human habitat through multi-dimensional lenses addressing the four pillars of our pedagogy, namely – Urbanism, Technology, History & Environment.

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