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In the last two decades, the world has witnessed rapid changes, both in terms of the needs of society and technology, and architecture as a profession is in the limelight now, which is quite evident from the soaring number of Architecture Institutes in India. A synthesis of all arts and sciences in the operational domain, Architecture is a unique blend of aesthetics, technology, and humanities duly supported by technical input.

Architecture as a profession is now being viewed as the extension of the new construction technologies, building materials, and innovations in design and structure. Architecture institutions are now in a state of flux to find and discover new order and pattern of architecture education to meet the challenges and threats effectively and efficiently.

Prevailing architectural education, which has its genesis in the old schools of western thoughts and ideas, need rationalization, review, and redefinition to make it more relevant in the Indian context, ethos, culture, ecology, and the needs of multi-layered society and communities to make it distinct and unique. With that in mind, the Higher Education Digest presents the “10 Must-Watch Architecture Colleges in India” to recognize and appreciate the efforts put by the educational institutes to keep up with the trends in the architecture industry and shape their students to be ready to face the industry.

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