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India is known for its affinity for churning out management professionals by the thousands and has therefore been a playground for scores of institutions claiming to provide the best of the management education. Unfortunately, these graduates lack the necessary skillset to make a mark for themselves in the corporate world and so slowly fade away, picking up any and every job that comes their way. They spend their hard-earned money only to have a useless certificate that will not grant them their dreams. Their educational institutions, on the other hand, rake in the moolah, while falsely advertising their so-called legacy. This dismal situation cannot be left unnoticed and unattended anymore, and this is precisely the subject that we have tried to tackle through this issue.

We believe that the mark of any successful B-school lies in the quality of values it delivers to the rest of the world. An ideal institute should provide an environment that is conducive to learning, where students can get ample opportunities to learn, experiment, and apply the knowledge and skills that will help them explore their career in Management and Entrepreneurship. The relevance and importance of an au fait B-School in the current educational setting is paramount. We have a couple of proficient names in this issue that we hope will raise a beacon to their peers.

We have also covered, the story of a young and brave lady, Dhanya Babu, who has beaten all odds and followed her dreams of becoming a Criminologist. She recently presented a paper at the American Society of  Criminology Conference, 2019. Her story is a must-read to anyone who wishes to take a career in law and order. For a field where not many women find the pluck to venture into, her grit and determination are worth applauding. We also showcase several informational reads authored by stalwarts from both the industry and academia. We hope you will find the articles and the stories covered in this issue illuminating and significant.


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