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Education is an investment. As with every investment, one must be mindful of the returns that are expected from the investment. The fee charged by a B-School for an MBA degree can vary, but the average all inclusive fee for a two-year MBA program from any top-rated Indian business school exceeds INR 16 lakh. Therefore, calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) on your management education is imperative to making an informed choice. Having said that, pursuing an MBA degree is not just about the amplitude of the MNCs that approach the School during the recruitment season or the
salary package the said MNCs provide. It is also about gaining personal growth, adding value to society, and building a strong network. B-Schools are contemplating tweaking their curriculum to include subjects that will offer environmental, social, and governance values to its students in the long run.

Several B-Schools in developed countries have already made a great deal of changes to their pedagogy and teaching-learning methodologies. India has been testing the waters for a while now, and some major-league players have attempted to refine their educational programs. Ignoring these obvious players, how has the rest of the B-Schools fared? It is good news that several institutions have adopted tools like virtual reality and augmented reality for immersive and interactive education to foster selflearning, thus giving students the opportunity to learn by doing. These Schools are also taking active steps to collaborate closely with the Corporates, furthering the future management leaders’ ability to gel with the corporate world. These collaborations surpass geographical boundaries, helping students to gain a global understanding of the field they are about to step in.

We at the Higher Education Digest met with some of these game-changers and gathered the various ways in which they were championing Management Education in India. This led us to compile a list of “10 Must-Watch B-Schools of the Year, 2019”. Our panel of experts laboriously studied, in detail, the colleges for their competence with respect to their performance in pedagogy, placements, and the quality of education. We believe that it is of paramount importance that these names be listed as it can nudge their peers to evaluate themselves and take leaves from these seasoned institutes so that tomorrow India can churn out some of the best management visionaries the world has seen.

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