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One of the main aims of higher education is to broaden perspectives. Moving away from your hometown, settling into a different culture, mingling with the people of another country truly opens a whole new window to the term “citizen of the world”. This experience underlines the simple fact that we are all, irrespective of color, creed, and race, ONE. We, as global citizens, have the right to attain exemplary education and work towards the betterment of the world. For years now, the US and Europe have been the favored education destination. However, this has been changing in recent times.

Thanks to its several high-class universities that charge much lower fees than the US or Europe, many students are favoring the Philippines as an attractive alternative. Home to the largest Catholic university in terms of population, The Philippines’ recent education reforms have sought to boost enrollment levels, graduation rates and mean years of schooling in elementary and secondary education, and to improve the quality of higher education. Given that the Higher Education sector is one of the most commodified items in the market, it is paramount to make informed decisions.

However, what with the concerns all high schoolers, and other pursuers of education, have with respect to choosing the right career option and the mental requirements of university life, it is hard making this decision. International students have it especially hard as not only should they prepare for higher education; they must also anticipate adapting to a new culture. Especially in these trying times, where the world is fighting COVID-19 tooth and nail, international educational institutions that take extraordinary measures to ensure that its students are safe, protected and well-taken care of takes the cake. A tangible proof of these remarkable steps is the number of nationals in these institutions.

The Philippines caught our attention with Metro Manila, the capital, serving as a melting pot, hosting students from more than 60 countries, if not more. Hence, we at Higher Education Digest thought that it was of importance that we bring to you “10 Top Universities & Colleges in the Philippines for International Students” to help you take a reasoned judgement. In this issue, we have also featured, apart from renowned industry experts, the inspiring story of Ayana Klein. She is living proof that the entrepreneurial bug sees no age.

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