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With the COVID-19 unlock process slowly unfolding, all sectors are tracing their steps back to normalcy, except education. The Indian education territory has travelled leaps and bounds within the last few months. The domain has realized that learning can be achieved wherever, whenever, and at all levels. There has been an exciting flurry of activities; integrating
technology at its core, equipping teachers to use the said technology to teach and advising students on how to best navigate through avant-garde forms of learning.

While some educators found the transition easy, others not so much. Those that did find it easy were the ones who were already at the forefront of innovation and change. And this issue, “10 Most-Influential Leaders in Indian Education” is a celebration of some of these leaders.

This issue also includes articles on relevant topics like applying for college admission in the times of a pandemic and COVID-19 as a catalyst for a degree in Data Science. Informative reads on how to effectively chart a roadmap for professional planning and your career choices for the current century also pop up in the upcoming pages.

As we take leave of you, hoping you enjoy this informative and educative read, we would also like to remind that although the country has lifted its lockdown, we must still be watchful and mindful of our daily activities. Wear a mask, sanitize frequently and wash your hands. But most importantly, lend a helping hand to those who need it. We shall overcome together.

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