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Hundreds of thousands of workers in the textiles industry were suspended or laid off when the pandemic struck, and stores closed across the world. The working population had to wait for payment more than usual. In a survey conducted by Center for Global Workers’ Rights (CGWR), suppliers said they had to wait an average of 77 days for payment, compared with 43 days before the pandemic, raising fears of further factory closures in an industry employing 60 million people worldwide. Suppliers in countries including Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Peru and Vietnam told CGWR they had already laid off 10 per cent of their workers and would have to cut another 35 per cent of their labour force if order reductions continued. In India, a survey by the Retailers Association of India (RAI) said that around 80,000 jobs are expected to be cut by various retailers due to the ongoing crisis.

Several such reports on job losses led people to reconsider their priorities, including ones concerning their education. Many believed that online classes’ reality as an alternative for physical classes and the ever more tough economy might impact students’ decisions and, subsequently, universities’ attraction. The creative disciplines and fashion schools were at the forefront of this concern. However, the institutes are optimistic about future enrollment, as they have successfully remodelled their programs during the pandemic to suit the ‘new norms’ of education. Many schools have even reported an increase in the number of future candidates. 

To help fashion and design aspirants make informed decisions about their study destinations, we have listed ‘10 Must-Watch Fashion and Design Institutes in India’ that are at the forefront of providing cutting edge fashion and designing education. On the cover, we feature NITTE School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design, which is committed to the innovation-based education system. Its teaching methodology enables students to bring their best of creativity.

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