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India is a hotbed of international apparel and footwear manufacturing companies. Educational institutions have responded to the need to train professionals, and over fifty-five institutions offer programs in fashion design and retailing. The majority of the curriculum focuses on fashion design and technology, although a few programs offer degrees focused on the apparel industry’s business side. The design and retailing of fashion is a global phenomenon. It should come as no surprise that learning institutions worldwide prepare graduates for careers in the international fashion industry.

For most fashion students, graduate shows to mark their debut into the industry; they offer opportunities to liaise with editors and impress buyers and potential employers. But this year, there were no graduate shows and few opportunities for students to meet with industry insiders. Some aspiring designers weren’t able to finish their collections in time due to shuttered fabric shops and closed-off studio spaces. Covid-19 has derailed how fashion schools operate. Students enrolling this year face uncomfortable questions about the value of a costly education conducted at a social distance, without many of the benefits of campus and in-person tuition.

Fashion is evolving, and its schools must make it too. As the industry opens up and more unconventional career paths evolve, they will need to work harder to attract top talent. On the other hand, the expertise, community, access, and education they provide still offer a deeply enriching experience and entry into the industry for many young creative. With that in mind, Higher Education Digest has come up with “10 Must-Watch Fashion & Design Institutes in India” to showcase the efforts put by these institutes that are giving attention to the emerging sector and bring out leaders who are set out to revamp the fashion industry at a global level.

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