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From Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama, the list of visionaries who have utilized the legal profession as a stepping stone to greatness would hardly get an end. This goes to show that, a career in law can not only provide the learners with a steady and stable profession but can also let them genuinely help people. Unlike yesteryears when black robes and courtrooms where the bread and butter of lawyers, today, the legal profession has come a long way and it now encompasses various fields such as litigation, media, IP, academics and many more. Undoubtedly, the legal profession looks attractive enough, but what kind of person would make a great lawyer?

Good communication skills – both oral and written – are the obvious talents needed for a legal professional. He/she must also be a good reader, as they will need to do a lot of research to be effective at their job. However, legal industry veterans consider logical reason as the most important skill that a law aspirant needs to have. The professionals in this sector need to look at matters objectively and come to their own conclusions at the end of every case that they deal with. In nutshell, if you are smart, presentable and not afraid to put forward your opinion, the law is a career you should consider!

In India, however, choosing law as a career is not the end of the discussion. Every aspirant must be careful while choosing a law school. To help the learners of law, we have identified ‘10 Must-Watch Law Colleges in India,’ which are offering excellent legal education and support their students reach the heights of the judicial system in the country. We believe that our efforts will help the young Indians who are in search of quality legal education.


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