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New beginnings demand hard work, dedication and patience. Much like grinding at college for three years, at the end of which you toss up your mortarboards to the skies and sign up with your dream company. We at the Higher Education Digest-Asia Pacific Edition are advocates of quality education. We have spent quite a bit of time grinding at our desk and scheduling meetings that run way past 8:00 PM to constantly bring news and relevant articles that mirror the current education dynamics. We strive to help people reach out to those universities/colleges that they think are out of their league. We make it easy for them to have an in depth understanding of how these universities/colleges run, who their industry collaborators are and how they welcome international students.

In our inaugural issue of Higher Education Digest-Asia Pacific Edition, we decided to feature some of the top international universities in South East Asia. Along with that, we also feature a couple of authors who are subject matter experts in their respective fields. Their pearls of wisdom will surely give you something to ponder upon. Our authors talk about matters ranging from the importance of revamping the educational domain to the beatitude and necessity of travelling. Since our authors come with a multitude of high-profile credentials, rest assured the write-ups will, without doubt, expand your horizon.

Through the next few pages, you will meet two spirited educators who wouldn’t let obstacles stand in their way of enlightening and connecting young children with the world of education. We are also happy to share with you the story of a student, a young Indian woman, who realized her dream of visiting her favourite continent in the whole world.

In this issue, we also share with you a list of “25 Must Watch International Universities in South East Asia”. The list is in no way comprehensive, but it sure does highlight a few universities that is in a class all by itself.  The universities that we have featured not only live up to their names, but also continue to polish and shine their reputation through various initiatives.

It was indeed a pleasure working on this issue, and we hope that you, our cherished reader, also find it equally informative and delightful.

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