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Perhaps, after COVID, online learning would be one of the most widely discussed topics in recent times. Though there was a buzz about digital learning becoming the preferred option for the majority of the students worldwide, hardly anyone anticipated that it would become the new norm of learning in 2020 and onwards. As per the industry reports, the Indian EdTech market is expected to reach USD 4 billion by 2025, from USD 750 million in 2020. 

Online learning cannot be seen as a temporary alternative to the physical mode of education anymore. With the help of high internet penetration and an increased number of smartphone users in India, the demand for educational content from urban and rural users has risen steadily. The pandemic, however, catalyzed the user base, making online learning providers an important pillar in the Indian education system. As per a study conducted by KPMG and Google, reskilling and online certification courses account for a significant part of the digital education market, followed by test preparation. No wonder India saw three startups turn unicorns and one into decacorn between January 2020 and August 2021. In fact, Indian EdTech startups have raised about USD 4 Billion from 2020 till mid 2021. 

Today, there are about 4530 EdTech startups in India. Finding the best one that suits your education needs is a daunting task. To help learners in this process, we have come up with ‘Must-Watch Online Learning Providers in India’ that are reaching out to every nook and cranny of the country with their innovative learning programs.   

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