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Disrupting everything from the admission process to delivery of curricula and conducting examinations, the pandemic has forced us to reassess the traditional education experience. Now, every stream of education, including business schools, are overhauling the syllabus and the student experience to meet the demand for new insights and skills that the post-COVID-19 world will require. The challenges are many for educators around the world. However, experts’ opinions suggest that the post-lockdown context for businesses could provide excellent opportunities for the work of management schools. 

In the coming years, organizations would need the backing of business schools more than ever. Be it a bank, consultancy or manufactures, companies look for the support to reinvent themselves, as there has been a complete overhaul of how they conduct their businesses. Now, the future of these companies rests in the hands of employees who can make them resilient to the volatility of market conditions. We can only achieve it with the help of business schools that can develop students to become resilient leaders who can effectively manage change during uncertain and unprecedented times. 

In this issue, we have handpicked ’25 Must-Watch B-Schools of the Year – 2021’, reimagining management education and making changes to ensure that we are preparing our students to positively transform the future of business. On the cover, we feature NITTE School of Management, creating strong and committed management professionals and ethical business leaders since its inception in 2009. NITTE School of Management is designed to suit the needs of the industry and develop corporate leaders who can excel in solving complex business problems and contribute to organizational growth.

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