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The US and UK dominate the northern hemisphere in the international higher education market. These countries have profiled themselves as magnets for international students at K-12 and higher education levels. Here, top schools and universities focus heavily on students and scholars from abroad, making them a part of their business model. Following suit is countries like English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have also been actively looking to reach out to students across the globe; the numbers show that they have been fairly successful in achieving their target and giving the UK and US a run for their money.  It is now a global talent war, with every developed country integrating strategies to attract and retain highly skilled labor migrants.

However, the pandemic has disrupted international student mobility like never before. The strategies needed to be relooked and implemented quickly to stay afloat in the face of an unprecedented emergency. For instance, the number of international students in the US dramatically declined during the COVID-19 pandemic, with new student enrollment among international students falling a whopping 46%. Similarly, the volume of Canada study permits issued in 2020 was 36 percent lower than the number issued in 2019.

Now, the international higher education sector is in better shape. Countries like the US and Canada have regained their dominance by attracting a large number of international students. In this issue, we have identified 10 Must-Watch North American Colleges & Universities in 2022 that have been performing exceptionally well despite the hiccups. We hope our efforts will help the international students community to make informed decisions about their study destinations in the North American region.

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