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As per the United Nations’ World Population Prospects, the Middle East and Africa will be home to around 3.4 billion people by 2050, which is likely to be more than the populations of China and India combined. Interestingly, the Middle East is endowed with a young, growing and an increasingly well-educated population that can significantly enhance the region’s future growth trajectory. The potential of this large workforce to contribute to economic growth and social dynamism is tremendous. However, to become an economic superpower, the Middle East states need to optimize their human capital potential through education and skills development. 

Statics from various reports show that the Middle East region has made significant improvements in expanding the reach of its education system over several decades, and this will pay off in the coming years. For instance, a combination of LinkedIn’s data and UNESCO’s statistics provides a unique view of the region’s high- and medium-skilled white-collar workforce. Nearly a third of LinkedIn’s tertiary-educated members in the region hold Business, Administration and Law degrees, with a particular emphasis on qualifications in accounting, banking and finance, marketing and business management. The rise in the number of business professionals is not a mere coincidence. From the past two decades, many international universities have opened campuses in the Middle East, in addition to a few local business schools that have launched their own MBA programs.

In the latest International Edition of Higher Education Digest, we explore the Middle East’s business education space. With the support of our global advisory board, we have handpicked ‘10 Must-Watch Business Schools in the Middle East’ that are performing exceptionally well to create business graduates who can meet future challenges. The cover story features insights of Dean Hoke, a higher education consultant and Co-Founder of Edu Alliance Ltd located in Abu Dhabi and Managing Partner of Edu Alliance Group in the US. 

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