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It is a new world that looks smaller than before. In tune with the advancing technology, the connectivity between far away geographical locations has become faster, which means that decisions made by the western world can impact businesses in the eastern world faster than before. For instance, organizations with clients across the globe would have to worry about global macroeconomics. The ups and downs of exchange rates and inflation changes in different countries would affect the economic performance of multinational firms. Therefore, it has become imperative for such organizations to hire employees who can solve cross-cultural problems and think on a global scale.

To start a career in international management, marketing, accounting, corporate finance, trade consultancy, or even human resources with a multinational corporation, graduates should understand the different business management practices found worldwide. Studying international business schools would help students to see how globalization has brought about an increasing ‘connectedness’ of businesses, markets, people, and information across countries. In addition, a long-term benefit of studying business in a global management school is developing the ability to think internationally and thus formulate strategies for your career with the big picture in mind.

In this issue, we have identified 10 Must-Watch Business Schools in 2022 that have been preparing learners with the knowledge to navigate the global business landscape’s challenges and opportunities. On the cover, we feature the College of Business Administration (CoBA), University of Sharjah, which has been taking purposeful strides in delivering quality education and creating the next generation of industry-ready leaders.

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