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An individual’s career is greatly influenced by the college chosen to complete one’s education. When narrowing down on which college to go ahead with, there are various parameters to consider: faculty capability, overall infrastructure, scholarships extended, research projects undertaken, campus placements, industry-specific relevancy, technologies adopted, curriculum, and top alumni takeaways.

Helping you tick every requirement off the checklist is Boston City Campus, founded in 1991 by Professor Ari Kratz. The college is an accredited Higher Education Institution and Private College. Boston offers Postgrad, Degrees, Diplomas and higher certificates online and short learning programs. All courses offered can be completed online, or students can choose to go to the campus and study with colleagues and friends. All in all, studies can be done part-time, full-time, or entirely online. “At the center of our institutional goals lies our commitment to the learning and development of our students that both shape and form a culture of excellence, resilience, and entrepreneurship,” opines Ari Katz, CEO of Boston City Campus.

Ari Katz, CEO of Boston City Campus

Maintaining Market and Industry Relevancy

Over the years, the college has successfully expanded its reach globally with more than 47 Student Support Centres (SSCs) that offer tuition support to its students and other stakeholders. Boston’s success is attributed to providing relevant, market-related, in-demand qualifications that exceed industry requirements and closely link to workplace specifications and opportunities. The institution works relentlessly to be recognized as a valuable contributor to the industry. “Boston is focused on delivering relevant programs in the fast-growing areas of the economy, extensively upgrading campus facilities and creating new learning and social areas, and the development and expansion of quality education and support services,” says Ruan Venter, Registrar at Boston City Campus.

Continually striving to stay ahead of the technology growth curve, Boston leverages the power of AI and a system called MaaS (Mentoring as a Service) to efficiently monitor and manage students and assist them if necessary. The institute’s training advisors use this technology to provide ‘personal attention to the students and virtually eliminate the gap in distance studies. “Boston has always relied on technology as an effective learning methodology as technology ensures academic consistency, quality, delivery and validity of all materials and knowledge transfer,” reveals Natalie Rabson, Counsellor at Boston City Campus. Natalie also tells us, “Boston offered its students an MTN 30gig data package at a hugely discounted rate to assist students who otherwise didn’t have internet access.”

Natalie Rabson, Counsellor at Boston City Campus

Proactively Monitoring Every Learner

The Boston Higher Education department has devised an intricate system that operates with the MaaS AI (artificial intelligence system). So essentially, what does this mean for a student? It means the student is granted access to assistance with their coursework. Queries put forth by students are addressed by the assigned tutor. This task can be carried out via email, in person, telephonically, or through Skype. This translates to the student only achieving progress in their coursework as they master the work that has been completed. This means you can get topics explained and re-explained until you attain satisfaction.

Enhancing Learning for You

The academy’s system has been designed to be highly proactive. For instance, if a student has not opened their assignment document by the allocated time before a deadline, the designated tutor will receive an alert. The student will then receive an SMS alerting them that an assignment is due and they need to review it. If it continues to remain unopened despite the two previous attempts, further action is taken by this unique system to motivate the student to complete the work.

This system is very distinctive in its ability to predict student performance and in its ability to raise student success. “While Boston offers online qualifications, we are a hands-on institution. This means that students still receive ‘personal’ attention. Students can email queries, call their lecturers, or receive video calls to enhance their studies or assist with specific academic or other queries. So, while it is considered education in the distance mode, the institution’s staff is available, friendly, accommodating, and attentive,” adds Ari.

In fact, when most educational institutions were almost crippled by the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Boston emerged victorious even during these trying times. Semeno Phuti agrees, “In this lockdown, things aren’t simply the way we thought, and it is a privilege and honor to see how our facilitators are trying their best to communicate with us to solve all problems that we face through our studies. I appreciate all the hard work from our facilitators during this difficult time.”

The faculty functioned as strong pillars of the institution during these trying times. Additionally, to successfully carry out the functionalities that MaaS has to offer while ensuring every student receives a quality education, the presence of skilled and highly experienced faculty is one of the key ingredients. The faculty on board the Boston City Campus is very well qualified and possesses the required expertise that brings richness to their academic teachings. Being accredited by the CHE means that all staff must be well qualified in their subject matter, and their CVs are selected for education and an added value to the institution.

Going Global!

The current business industry demands a global mindset for anyone aspiring to establish a career in the management domain. ‘International’ is a profound concept and buzzword in today’s marketplace. It holds massive leverage in a CV. The Boston City Campus has been recognized and awarded accreditation as an Independent Higher Education institution by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). The BAC is recognized globally as an influential voice on standards and quality for the education sector.

All in all, graduates can quickly gain international qualifications using their Boston diploma or degree as a starting point. “We are thrilled to bring these benefits to our graduates,” says Katz. She continues, “Topping up your local qualification with an accredited international qualification makes you a global player. Moreover, even when you operate locally, it makes you more attractive to your local employers.” Boston is now also a candidate for accreditation of specific programmers by the ACBSP – the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (United States of America).

International students are drawn by the excellent local accreditation and international recognition of the campus. In addition, the costs for all students are favorable. Additionally, Boston scholarships are awarded twice a year. All students must apply and be accepted to the qualifications of their choice and must meet the specific course requirements they have chosen. Foreign students must receive a HESA metric equivalency if they are high school graduates. “We pride ourselves on being firmly established as a community builder with extensive partnerships with Public and Private Sector organizations, to actively contribute to socio-economic development within South Africa,” says Ari.

Making Customer Service a Priority

Boston City Campus has every aspect related to this sector covered. The novel MaaS offering is equipped to ensure superior levels of customer service are attained. Monitoring and motivating students to succeed will drastically lower the shocking drop-out rate found at universities. These drop-outs are witnessed due to the student’s inability to access assistance, either academic or administrative. This is where the institute’s innovative MaaS offering comes to the fore and meets every student’s queries and expectations.

Boston is strong in graduate support and customer services, making the overall pass rate very high. As we look ahead into the future and what it holds for us, Boston envisages liaising with corporate and industry to ensure qualifications are relevant and will arm the graduates with appropriate work-ready skills. Simultaneously, Boston will continue to innovate and introduce new age qualifications that will meet and exceed the demand of the workplace.

For More Info: https://www.boston.ac.za/

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