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The Education market of Saudi Arabia is the largest in GCC, with 300 thousand Kindergartens, 5.5M in Primary Education, 1.4M in Higher Education and 128 Thousand in Technical Education.

The Saudi Government has allocated SAR 195 Billion from its Current General Education Budget to the education sector.

The COVID-19 has proven to be the driving force to boost e-learning. This conference is designed to bring together the digital learning solution providers from all over the globe that will cater to Saudi’s Vision 2030 of modernizing and digitalizing the education sector and solve the challenges of digital learning.

The decision-makers in this strategic Summit are the Deputy Minister, Ministers, Chairmans, CEO, Director General, Deputy Director General Professor, Teacher, Lecturer, Principal/Dean, Education Technology Heads, etc. from the K12 industry, Government and Semi Government Entities.

For more details, please visit https://www.smartschoolsummit.com/

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