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In the mid of 90s, Sidharth Gupta, hailing from the city of Amritsar, decided to go abroad for his studies with the help of a study abroad consultant in his town. He travelled to Australia only to find that the university arranged by the so-called reputed consultant was a two-room institute working in a commercial building. However, he was not ready to give up on his dream of studying at an international university. Gupta came back to India without much delay and this time he travelled to the West, to the UK. There, he acquired two Post Graduate degrees, one in International Business and the other in Information Technology.

When he came back to Amritsar after his studies in the UK to join his father’s well-established steel business, there were many people waiting to know about the education experience in the UK and get advice on travelling abroad for studies. Gupta, who wanted to independently create his name and add to the kin’s fame, eventually gave up the family business and laid the foundation stone of Global Opportunities in 2001. What started 18 years ago as a one-man-army has now become one of the leading education consultants in India. Today, Global Opportunities has a massive network of 19 offices in all the major cities across India and one in Nepal.

The Trust Factor

“In India, only a few players in this market have a national presence and Global Opportunities is one among them. we have an office near to every study abroad aspirant, where our dedicated counsellors and support department work enthusiastically to provide the best education consulting services in India throughout every intake,” says Libu Mathew Thomas, Executive Vice President, Global Opportunities. With over 500 institution partners across the globe, Global Opportunities has sent more than 45,000 students to different renowned education institutions in the world to accomplish their study abroad dream and secure their future by acquiring international degrees.

Libu Mathew Thomas, Executive Vice President

“We have expertise in major countries, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and many more. We offer free education counselling and other additional support required to get tertiary education abroad,” shares Thomas. Global Opportunities guides aspirants and their family in choosing the right course that leads them to the right career path. They provide free counselling, visa assistance, interview preparation, pre-departure counselling and other services to assure that every applicant becomes a successful global graduate. Thomas adds, “After evaluating your academic background, reviewing your extra-curricular and other work activities, and your English proficiency, we work out strategies to ensure that the applications you submit provide you with the maximum chance of success.”

Nikhil Seethurravindra, who is now studying in National College of Ireland, is one of the many beneficiaries of Global Opportunities. He says, “I had been to several consultant offices but none of the consultants made me feel this comfortable to open up as the counsellors of Global opportunities did. In spite of my mediocre financial status, they helped me get an educational loan which I thought was impossible. Getting a seat in a prestigious college like NCI was impractical for me but Global Opportunities made me feel it was a simple task. I got my visa results in just 10 days (which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks) all the credit goes to them. This is the company which made my dream come true.” With a vision to provide seamless facilitation of International education recruitment services between India and the world, Global Opportunities is now planning to expand its service to Southeast Asian countries as well to offer its counselling expertise to the aspirants in South-Indian cities.

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