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The pandemic has opened up the conversation around an upheaval of the traditional modes of learning. Usually, a transition from a traditional to a digital learning platform requires meticulous planning and implementation; the pandemic forced the global educational institutions to abide by the new norm in a matter of days. However, the world is currently witnessing a new change in imparting education, as to a large extent, educators and learners have been accustomed to this new learning environment. This provides the learners with the necessary flexibility and impetus to prioritize other matters of life without compromising on acquiring quality education. As more and more people are warming up to this idea of knowledge-seeking, as research suggests, the digitization of learning is here to stay. “Exeed College is prepared to undertake any kind of challenge thrown in its way to adapt to the changing circumstances. Recent data shows that the pandemic has aided the institute to increase its learner base as more prospective learners wanted to adopt remote learning”, remarks Samras Mayimi, Co-founder and Executive Director, Westford Education Group.

An enterprise of Westford Education Group, Exeed College was established in 2016 as a centre of higher education with a vision of ‘Lifelong Learning’ and ‘Continuous Professional Development’. Westford Education Group was started in 2009 to introduce UK higher education to the Middle East. The pragmatic approach to learning with insistence on critical thinking and enterprising, which are the best features of the UK model, was brought to the region with adequate cultural and geographical tweaks. The institute was established with the commitment to become a pioneer in imparting superior higher education, executive education, and continuing education to working professionals and practitioners, which are both recognized and accredited by International bodies. Exeed’s exceptional educational program enables the learners to reinvent themselves and excel in their domains of expertise. They specialize in equipping their learners with cutting-edge skill sets required to succeed in the 21st century. Along with obtaining competitive skill sets, the institute also focuses on instilling within its learners the values of ethics and integrity needed to become active contributors to a sustainable nation-building process.

Imparting Knowledge through Technology

Exeed College offers a plethora of unique educational and personal development opportunities to its learners. Exeed always strives to be an inclusive and diverse space as it accommodates learners from over 50 nations and more than 10 industrial sectors within its ace educational programs. With its top-notch corporate training portfolio, Exeed is a well sought after and proud collaborator with more than 50 eminent institutes and organizations, which includes Emirates NBD, International Medical Centre – Jeddah, Sharjah Cooperative Society, Emirates Post Group, FedEx, Ministry of Finance Afghanistan, Qatar Petroleum, Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi and King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology. “We passionately believe in and promote accessible education for all through our state-of-the-art virtual learning ecosystem. Another special feature of Exeed is its updated analysis of global trends and incorporating it to the benefit of its learners by introducing new and innovative courses periodically”, states Samras.

Exeed College boasts of a highly qualified and extremely talented group of faculties who have been guiding its student community with their wide range of knowledge and experience. The academic team headed by Prof. Anil Ahluwalia, Dr Vivek Mohan, and Ms Poonam Heryani, has built a strong atmosphere of academic excellence. With their experience in managing and leading various institutions all over the world, they have brought with them a unique insight into how the business world functions. The team has been instrumental in cultivating a futuristic outlook by keeping them abreast of the latest trend in the business world. They focus on industry training and real-world, hands-on experience, which they believe is essential in helping learners’ transition to the actual workplace.

Exeed College focuses on bringing education to working professionals and adult learners as well as people who wish to resume their higher education after a break. Headquartered in the UK, the institute is committed to providing MBA programs, PG Diploma, and Professional Certification courses. Partnering with global awarding bodies and reputed universities, Exeed College has brought about a change in the higher education and professional education landscape and also broadened its scope of educational services by exploring courses related to Child Care and Early Learning Teacher CACHE Qualifications from NCFE, UK. “We are also at the forefront in bringing international and world-class qualification in teaching by collaborating with Liverpool John Moores University, UK for MA Ed. In Leadership in Education and PG Certification in Education International which is a much-coveted level seven qualification in the UAE, Asia, and the Middle East”, adds Samras.

Exeed College ardently believes in delivering on the promises that it preaches. As a pioneer in promoting the holistic development of its learners, Exeed is ahead of its time and follows the non-traditional way of imparting knowledge. Even before the world started to look into the possibilities of unconventional learning, the institute had already adopted, acquainted, and adapted to the new ways of online learning, which the COVID-19 brought with itself and introduced to the rest of the world. As institutes around the world were reeling under the pressure to either closedown or to adopt a new method of technology-driven learning, Exeed emerged out of this ensuing chaos a victor as the institute was already equipped with the necessary technology, capabilities, and manpower and was already part of the system that promoted remote learning. “We have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of intakes last year, clearly putting the institute in the forefront promoting accessible and state of the art learning in this dynamic world”, points out Samras.

Looking Ahead

Exeed College is also set to launch a new specialization in their MBA programs such as Sports Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain and Public Relations and Advertising and incorporate other MBA programs in association with premier institutions in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Change is the only constant, and Exeed College fully embraces it as they constantly strive to be updated with the ever-developing modern world and equip its learners accordingly.

The universities partnered by Exeed College have fostered an environment of world-class research with tangible output. Following industry standards and academic rigour, research from these prestigious institutions has helped bring their insights into various practical issues affecting the business world. To bridge research gaps in management theory and application, Exeed College has incorporated technology and a sound academic foundation to buttress its research programs. The research on everything there is to know about running a successful business, from small business enterprises, projects, operations, and workplace management to the challenges faced by organizations, are some of the exciting research projects happening in the college right now. Although the future of post-pandemic education is still unclear, Exeed College is ready to take up the challenge backed by its wonderful team and ever-ready spirit. The college is already set to launch its latest programs by teaming up with Carolina University, USA, and University of South Wales, UK. Exeed College is also exploring to bring in career-oriented World-class education from our globally ranked partner institutions to its prospective learners.


About Samras Mayimi, Co-founder and Executive Director, Westford Education Group

Samras leads the strategic initiatives and projects of the group-wide organization in addition to managing independent SBU’s of the group. Vested with the responsibility to steer the project initiatives and strategic investments of the group for its business expansions and cross border transactions, Samras leads the initiatives of setting up new SBU’s with P&L responsibility and managing the delivery channels, marketing, and business development – branding, advertising,  marketing research, product and customer support services, and institutional business. 

Samras focuses on sustaining and growing the existing partnerships as well as developing new associations and affiliations with external partners and plays an instrumental role in the corporate affairs and public relations of the group-wide organization. Samras brings more than 22 years of experience in the BFSI and Education industry. He holds an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University – UK and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from University of Wales – UK.

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