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From the Colosseum and the Taj Mahal to the Guggenheim museum, the Millau Viaduct, and the Burj Khalifa, architecture has always left us spellbound, and that precisely is the problem. We have started to limit architecture to beautifully designed spaces and facades and tend to overlook the larger social and lifestyle development connotations. Great architects were never just great designers, rather they were social evangelists.

With rising populations, climate change, and rapidly diminishing resources, India needs architects who are visionaries. For this to come to fruition, we need educational institutes who can redefine architecture education to accommodate the requirements of today and tomorrow. In this issue of Higher Education Digest, we have listed out 10 such colleges that have set their eyes on revolutionizing architecture.

In the following pages, you will not only meet them but also several wizened experts sharing their ideas and thoughts on various facets of higher education. From identifying, diagnosing, and discussing mental health issues in classrooms to the importance of teaching students how to think and not what to think, our authors have provided truly insightful articles for your disposal. We hope that this issue will help you understand the changing architecture domain, why it is impertinent to
re-think the current mode of arch-ed, and how these 10 colleges have found a way to seamlessly incorporate progressive thinking into textbook material, thereby shaping architectural geniuses.

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