Dr Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, Shahani Group and Ask.Careers

Dr Akhil Shahani is the Managing Director of Thadomal Shahani Centre For Management, Shahani Group and CEO, Ask.Careers and runs a range of colleges in business, media, real estate, finance and others. His colleges incorporate global industry-oriented education systems that make their graduates truly employable. He is also a Venture Partner in Kaizen Private Equity, India’s first private equity fund focused solely on the education sector. Besides, Akhil serves as the Chairman of Global Discovery Schools, a franchised chain of 14 innovative schools. In 2020, HSNC University appointed Dr Akhil as a governing board member. 


Pursuing an MBA degree is a dream come true for many young aspirants. An MBA degree can help you earn a higher salary, develop your network, increase your chances of becoming an entrepreneur, and connect you with people you might not have met otherwise. Due to its numerous benefits, the number of students graduating every year with an MBA degree is enormous. This, in turn, will make you wonder if there are enough job opportunities for an MBA grad. You have nothing to worry about because numerous firms, including many top IT firms, are explicitly looking for MBA graduates.

Many large companies such as Deloitte, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Accenture, TCS, Capgemini, and many such firms are looking for candidates with an MBA degree. These companies pay estimated salaries to MBA Graduates ranging from 4 LPA to 50 LPA or more.

Product management (51 percent), business development/sales (49 percent), general management (46 percent), and consulting (46 percent) are the most common professions for MBAs in tech businesses (46 percent).

But you may wonder why these IT firms are ready to pay such whopping salaries to MBA graduates? Well, MBA graduates are a complete package.  They know how to sell things to develop project plans. They know how to pitch for ideas and also to hire the right talent. In the course of their degree, they gain a thorough understanding of management concepts and get a chance to enhance their communication skills and develop their overall personality.

Let’s see what more about MBA students attract these IT companies.

  1. Skills

According to GMAC, leadership, motivation, innovation, strategic thinking, decision-making is the most sought qualities that recruiters in the IT business are looking for. By the time students complete their MBA, they develop leadership, analytical, critical thinking, and strategic thinking skills. Moreover, the first year of an MBA degree itself trains students in marketing, finance, data analytics, and human resource management. This makes them a perfect fit for any job role in an IT firm.

These skills are polished/developed by performing various managerial activities, giving numerous presentations & assignments, visiting Industries, working on simulators, and participating in group discussions & projects.

  1. Personality

An MBA degree not only develops a student’s skill set but also helps to hone their personality. It helps students identify their strengths & weaknesses and provide them with ways to accentuate their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

An MBA degree helps students develop their personality because they learn to be punctual, meet attendance standards, complete projects by deadlines, give presentations, participate in team activities, and do this with the utmost professionalism. MBA students are required to meet, engage, learn, and work with individuals from all walks of life, which necessitates excellent manners, teamwork, conformance, and moral conduct. All in all, these aspects develop their personality &help them to get a job in their desired field.

These traits are vital for IT firm employees, and hence these firms prefer candidates who already possess these skills rather than training them once hired.

  1. Knowledge

In the two years of the MBA course, the students learn and explore various subjects comprehensively. Subjects such as marketing management and project management teach students concepts related to sales, help them set clear goals and realistic objectives, teach the importance of project deadlines and professionalism. On the other hand, subjects such as organizational behavior and operations management teach them concepts related to a firm’s resources and how to manage them efficiently. Subjects such as strategy and innovation enhance their critical thinking skills, whereas subject such as Business Research methods makes them better researchers.

Apart from these, an MBA degree helps students enhance their communication skills, eliminates weaknesses, and showcases their strengths. It allows them to reach their full potential.

Lastly, to add, MBAs must passionately dedicate their two years in the course and develop their personality and skills and broaden their knowledge to get a job in one of the top IT companies. Through their sheer dedication, determination, and devotion, they can pave their way to a successful career in the IT world.

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