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Jesus Christ spent about three-fourth of his 33 years of existence teaching. He devoted his time to teaching the value of living a disciplined life. He taught the importance of showing compassion, standing for what is right, and being an example to fellow human beings. There are a lot of educational institutions that follow His teachings. However, for over 5 decades, the University of Assumption has been diligently preaching and practising His teachings to a T, shaping academically competent, morally upright, and socially responsible leaders.

Founded in 1963 by the then Archbishop of San Fernando (Pampanga) Philippines, University of the Assumption (UA) is the first Archdiocesan Catholic University in Asia. Currently, UA has under its umbrella several schools and colleges including the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business and Public Administration, and School of Education. UA offers a plethora of courses under various disciplines: Bachelors of Science in Accountancy, Architecture, Business Administration (Marketing and Operations Management), Engineering (Civil, Computer, and Industrial) Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Technology, Library and Information Science, Psychology, Human Services, Teacher Education, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Bachelor of Arts in Communication. The Graduate and Postgraduate programs offered by the University are Master in Business Administration, Master in Public Administration, Master of Arts in Guidance Counseling, Theological Studies, and specialized Masters of Arts in Education (MAEd) in Educational Management, Early Childhood, English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Teaching Filipino. Other than this, the University also offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with a major in Educational Management.

Rev. Fr. Joselito C. Henson, S.Th.D., President, University of the Assumption

Exemplary Pedagogical Efficacy
UA ensures that the teaching-learning methodology followed is multi-faceted where classes are conducted in alternating approaches: online, individual, collaborative, face-to-face, experiential, game-based, immersive, practical, career, and outcomes-based. Moreover, research is integrated into all courses, where students are empowered to verify and create knowledge. This system enriches the learning experiences of the students so that they can share pieces of life’s realities while developing their intra and interpersonal skills.

“UA sees its presence in the global community as a generator of industry-based and career-based professionals. Partnering with various industries, organizations, and institutions provide nourishment to our ever-evolving curriculum-making education in UA relevant to the lives of our students and responsive to the demands of the global economy. Generally, our industry collaborations are driven by our goals for global citizenship,” says Rev. Fr. Joselito C. Henson, S.Th.D., President, University of the Assumption.

The faculty team at UA comprises academicians, industry partners, and practitioners who are highly qualified to handle the courses and draw out the best from their students. “We value the instructional principle that quality education is a balance between the faculty and the facility”. Through this, we deliver quality and responsive teaching-learning experiences through fusing information and creation so that we can engage our students to be productive. To realize this, we constantly engage the faculty in continuing education, research, and lifelong learning exposures locally and internationally,” pinpoints the President. Guided by its three-pronged mission: Virtus/ Christian Formation; Scientia/ Academic Excellence; and Communitas/ Community Service), UA provides a holistic education for the students through its highly qualified and committed faculty that equip its students to be persons of character and competence.

Nursing Arts Lab

The curricular programs, instruction, facilities, and student services blend together in preparing the students for their fruitful journey in their respective careers guided by the teachings of the Catholic Church. “The students may be our immediate clients, but we see through them that the world is our real client. We construe education as preparing and equipping skilful students to become competent global citizens. We capitalize on experiential teaching and hands-on-minds-on learning so that our students shall acquire, verify and create knowledge. We let them experience various socio-economic issues, trends, and challenges related to their field of specialization and provide them the opportunity and support to make them adapt to global changes and be productive,” explains Rev. Fr. Joselito C. Henson, S.Th.D.

A Haven for International Students
Welcoming international students with open arms, The University of the Assumption, situated in Central Luzon, exposes international visitors from partner institutions to various settings that would make their visit a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience that they will joyfully bring back home. Staying true to the hospitable essence of The Philippines, a nation that is exceptionally rich in cultural and historical heritage and exquisite tourist destinations across the more than 7100 islands with numerous friendly and highly sociable ethnic groups, the university customize their cultural immersion and exchange programs according to the academic and social purposes of our visiting communities that will surely make their stay loaded with blissful learning activities and worthwhile memories.

“Our inbound immersion program is intricately designed to gradually support the international visiting participant with its series of activities such as orientation forum, the local language, and culture-adaptive simulations, local-foreign buddy system, culture, and religion-sensitive approaches, curriculum-based learning experiences, safety and security services, and facilities, having an on-campus hotel where our visitors may opt to stay,” adds Rev. Fr. Joselito C. Henson, S.Th.D. A Catholic university that religiously upholds its philosophy and mandate, the University of Assumption may seem not as popular and aggressive as the major universities in the Philippines but the university has a stellar record of bringing forth well-moulded and values-grounded intellectual citizens who are socially and ethically responsible. UA has so far produced government officials, business owners and leaders, professionals, and citizens – all of whom are known for their integrity and religiosity who have never been involved and seriously malicious political causalities in the society.

Moving forward, the University of Assumption has a lot of plans that would keep it at pace with the ever-changing global demands. One of the university’s major visions is becoming a recognized “Global University”. We are currently stepping up the ladder of internationalization and globalization that is why we have opened our portals to international people to diversify our educational community. We have already subscribed to notable global educational platforms and are now engaging in local and international mobility and exchange to propel us toward that vision,” concludes Rev. Fr. Joselito C. Henson, S.Th.D., President, University of the Assumption.

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