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Society is changing every day, and it gives legal professionals a plethora of opportunities to explore. Today, the legal field offers many jobs encompassing diverse skills, experience, and education. Developments in law and technology have also created new legal career opportunities. However, as with many other sectors, will COVID hit legal professionals? The answer is no. Experts believe that the legal sector has and will foresee a surplus of work. For instance, the disrupted economic waters will force legal teams to re-negotiate contracts, refinance debts and deal with contractual breaches.

Now, the pressure is on law colleges. In the wake of talent blooming and globalization of careers, law education providers need to break the barriers of traditional teaching methodologies and reinvent the system to suit the global scenarios. The teaching process of law in India has to shift from a fundamentally regional context to understanding legal conversations of the world—through international law courses, comparative studies, and more. Further, to augment the global perspective of legal education, Indian law schools can bring international faculties on board, conduct exchange programs, send teachers and students to participate in international competitions and conferences.

With over 1500 law schools in the country, it is hard for students to pick the best one that can guarantee them a prosperous career. To ease that burden, we have identified ’10 Must-Watch Law Colleges in India’, which are continuously striving to produce excellent legal professionals. On the cover, we feature the School of Law, Bennett University that carries a vision to strive for excellence in teaching, research, and advocacy towards justice for all by shaping thought leaders in public policy of national and international dimensions.

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