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Whenever I am in my living room, watching TV or reading a book, I would call my mom, only to ask her to switch on the fan. She will do it most of the time, though I might have to see her red face for a couple of seconds for interrupting her while she was cooking. Those were the old days. I don’t do that now. Instead, I would say, “Hey Alexa, please switch on the fan in my living room.” Here it is, the fan starts, I am happy, and my mom’s work goes on uninterrupted.

Today, smart homes have grown beyond being a mere opportunity for homeowners to show off to their neighbors and friends. Smart homes come with a fantastic array of advantages, allowing us to tap into high-tech conveniences that make our life more enjoyable. With the inclusion of technologies like IoT, designers are on an experimenting spree. They are not only trying to become creative but also being smart to match with the expectations of modern-day tech-savvy customers.

In this issue of Higher Education Digest, we have handpicked “10 Must-Watch Interior Designing Institutes in India” that are making aspiring interior designers smart, creative and efficient to work for the future generation of consumers. On the cover, we feature the Department of Interior Design at Manipal University Jaipur that believes in increasing the overall spectrum for students with more practical knowledge and options in the design world.

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