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In recent times, the Indian education sector has seen a multitude of changes. If it was operated as a philanthropic or a nation-building activity during its primitive years, now the education industry in India has transformed into a ‘sector in its own right.’ Since 2003, India has been adding more than 1,000 colleges per year. The peak was the period between 2007 and 2009, when the country added 7,206 colleges, about one-fifth of the total number. Today, with an extensive network of more than 1.4 million schools, 850 universities and 40,000 higher education institutes, the education sector in India is now a complex mix of government-operated and privately-operated educational institutions and allied education products and services providers. Increase in the competition for quality education and positive learning outcomes has also helped this sector to slowly but steadily move on the reforms track.

Among the states with a large number of educational institutions in India, Tamil Nadu takes a prime spot. There are several colleges in this South Indian state, which boasts of not only the best curriculum and facilities but also the best teachers. Unlike many other states in India, Tamil Nadu is at an advantage due to the presence of over 21 universities and more than 500 engineering colleges. This has led to IT and manufacturing corporates setting up their base in Chennai, Coimbatore and other major cities in Tamil Nadu. Today, the state has the potential to further enhance this by supporting the knowledge and capability of individuals to create new technology-driven enterprises to address challenges and take advantage of the opportunities present.

In this issue of Higher Education Digest, we have identified ’10 Must-Watch Colleges and Institutions in Tamil Nadu’ where students can study special courses on the subject of their choice, continue with higher studies in the subject chosen at the college level or take up research or doctorate studies. We hope that the hard work we have done to feature the premier institutions in Tamil Nadu will help education aspirants from all over the country in their journey.

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