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Being one of the leading non-government media centre in South Asia, Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) has consistently been rated among the top 5 Media Institutes in India for the last 10 years. It was established in 1969 with a mission to impart quality professional education in communication. Formerly known as the Institute of Communication Arts (ICA), XIC was a professional Media Centre. It offers a variety of training programmes in the field of communication. Today, XIC is an autonomous curricula unit of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai of the most prestigious colleges, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, which also celebrated 150 years in 2019. The College crest says ‘Provocans Ad Volandum’ (Challenging to Fly). It is managed by the Bombay St. Xavier’s College Society Trust.

With a 480-year-old tradition of excellence in education, the Jesuit institution focuses on the whole person, preparing for a career and the fullness of life. It develops an appreciation for learning as a process of self-discovery, a process that is both joyous and liberating. It can be summed up in its educational motto ‘moulding men and women for others with others’. MORE is POSSIBLE. “We believe in the media’s potential as a tool for integral development. This remains the guiding factor in our striving for professional excellence. We believe that mastering one’s craft is only one aspect of media training,” says Dr. Fr. Conrad Pesso, SJ, the Director of Xavier Institute of Communications.

XIC continues to evolve to ensure excellence, forging an integrated programme that has become a benchmark in media Studies. It balances tried and tested strategies with contemporary technologies and strategies for new and emerging needs while attempting to form productive, committed and passionate global citizens.

Dr. Fr. Conrad Pesso, SJ, the Director of XIC

Moreover, it is imperative to impart ethical values to our students. “At the XIC, we attempt to educate our students on media’s practical, theoretical, and moral aspects. We have students from all over India, so we have a different culture here at XIC,” shares Dr Jehangir B. Mistry, the Academic Dean and Board Member at Xavier Institute of Communications.

XIC provides a professional media education that emphasizes the values relevant to a unique cultural context, a pedagogy that is flexible, innovative, experiential, and encourages professional responsibility; in which the personal bond between teacher and student is respected and nourished; which is sensitive to socio-development needs; and responsive to secular values and human rights. “We believe that in a shrinking, more interdependent world, XIC should provide a special space and place for young graduates to discover the media world and discern how to bond with our worldwide human family through communication,” shares Dr Jehangir.

As it grew, XIC introduced 3D Computer Graphics and Animation (3DCGA), as well as Non-Linear Editing (NLE), both for the first time in India-1991; Advanced Integrated Communication Programme (AICP), Communication for Development (C4D) advised by UNICEF, Event Planning and Experiential Marketing (EPEM), and a Live Newsroom for training journalists. The Campus has special lecture rooms, studios and galleries named after Ameen Sayani, Satyajit Ray, R. K. Laxman, Mario Miranda, Charles Correa, Gerson Da Cunha, Fr. F. McFarland, Fr. Gerry Rosario, and Mother Teresa.

Dr Jehangir B. Mistry, the Academic Dean and Board Member at XIC

Offering expertise beyond Academics

The best way to learn is to learn from a professional, or better yet, to be guided by one. Most of the faculty at XIC have had experience in the field and have dedicated themselves to teaching students the skills and knowledge they acquired from being in action. With their practical knowledge, they inspire students to become excellent professionals.

Adding to the faculty, the institute also collaborates with universities, companies and professionals to provide students with a worldview of what to expect in the industry. Over the years, XIC has collaborated with Deakin University, Australia, Griffith University, Australia, Emylon France, and Don Bosco International Media Academy, Paris. GIZ, Germany, UNICEF etc., giving a global outlook to media education.

Griffith University, Australia, collaborated with XIC on a social Project, “Water mafia of Mumbai”. XIC has recently collaborated with Don Bosco International Media Academy (DBIMA), Paris. XIC students holding a Diploma of Film, Television or Journalism can take admission directly for 2nd year Master of Arts in Cinema & Audiovisual. The course duration will be 10 months (October – July). A special scholarship is offered for XIC students. XIC also gives scholarships in the form of awards at the end of the academic year in the form of Certificates & Cash prizes. Also, deserving students get fee concession in the tuition fees. Awards such as Best all-around student, Ignatian Award, Best Course Student, In Group Projects – Best Student Project, and Best Audio-Visual Student Documentary are sponsored by Alumni or even by family members of deceased alumni.

Standing firm for the Future

XIC being a Jesuit institute, stresses professional excellence and relevance such that social sensitivity, ethics and values are also kept in focus. The faculty & Management also highlight creative content in the media produced by our students. This is followed for all print, image, video and social media output. The XIC Management motivates students to participate in local & global competitions where their work can be evaluated by a broad spectrum of judges. “We encourage entrepreneurship and new ideas in student project work and start-ups, youtube videos. One such student went back to her home town and started an app on ‘women abuse & action,’” says Fr. Conrad.

XIC courses are constantly upgraded, looking at global demands and technological innovations. In the post-pandemic world, many changes are required because of the need for flexibility, work habits (WFH), online transactions, digital disruptions, the emerging power of social media & renewed focus on health, wellness and well-being. Now, XIC is focusing its courses on Data Analytics for media and marketing, the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence and the growing power of Social Media.

For More Info: https://www.xaviercomm.org/

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