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The Indian aviation industry is one of the key sectors affecting the economy. The growth of this industry offers various brighter career prospects and increased business opportunities for companies. This industry has significant untapped growth potential with several career paths to choose from. Bangalore located Institute of Indian Aviation and Allied Management Studies (IIAAM Foundation) makes tremendous contributions to the growth of this industry. The prestigious research-oriented and skill management-focused institution plays a pivotal role in the advancement of Degree, Skill development, Professional & Management programs along with Aviation, Diplomas in various disciplines, and Certificate programs that represent all segments of various industries like Aviation and allied Media and Entertainment industry; designed to meet the shortage of professionals in the respective industry throughout the International job market. “IIAAM offers the ideal opportunity to gain exposure to innovative and groundbreaking programs and partnerships and to share best practices with leading educators and industry experts,” informs Dr Praveen G Thambi, Managing Director, IIAAM.

Offering a Comprehensive Suite of Services

Established in 2009, IIAAM continually strives to maintain its status as a reliable aviation management training organisation as it continues its training service activities in the subjects of human and talent management as well as operational issues of aviation with more than 50 highly expert instructors. Having conducted extensive market research, the team at IIAAM designed and developed in-house and out-sourced aviation courses such as MBA Aviation, BBA Aviation and different certification courses for Cabin Crew, Cargo, Operations, Security, Passenger Services, Ramp and safety courses, as well as English communication, Grooming and professional development courses with universal content. “The training programs on aviation practices developed intensively by IIAAM personnel add value to the entire industry,” opines Dr Praveen.

Dr Praveen G Thambi, Managing Director, IIAAM.

In conjunction with the aforementioned services, the institution also provides training and consultancy services to public and private institutions in different fields, in tandem with facilitating customers with Training Needs Analysis and Training Design of aviation and allied services as needed. “IIAAM provides classroom training, distance online training, and effective digital training courses, which are designed through detailed needs analysis for the aviation industry, and constantly updated in line with national and international developments,” adds Dr Praveen.

In essence, the institution predominantly focuses on providing advisory services, training, updated syllabus, examination, and certifications for universities, colleges, and aviation institutions. Some of the Major Training Collaborations include Presidency University Bangalore, Teachers Academy Group of Institutions and many colleges for BBA Aviation under Bangalore North University, Bangalore Central University, Bangalore University, MG University Kottayam, Mangalore University and Anna University Tamil Nadu.

Cultivating Robust Partnerships

To further ensure the delivery of unmatched services, IIAAM has forged partnerships with aviation organisations across the globe. “We foster strong and lasting relationships with international aviation organisations to lay the foundations for long-term collaboration on safety performance and progression of aviation strategies,” says Dr Praveen. While extending services on a commercial basis, the institution reinvests a sustainable part of any profit made in the aviation community through the IIAAM NGO in the form of scholarship and aviation teaching methods as per the requirement of the industry and professional growth of the career aspirants of aviation.

Dr. Lizy Kalaga, Vice President, IIAAM

Providing a Helping Hand

Helping this community grow and guiding people to lead the world of aviation tomorrow, the institution has the IIAAM Foundation Merit Scholarship for Aviation Students. This initiative by the IIAAM Foundation (Scholarship Fund) Trust aims to provide financial support to meritorious aviation students and help them pursue quality aviation graduation education at premier Aviation Colleges and Universities. “Under this scholarship, the students pursuing Aviation education at the undergraduate or postgraduate level get scholarships up to INR 90,000 per course to cover their educational expenses. The program also offers opportunities for mentorship to the selected candidates, creating a robust community of young Aviation professionals,” elucidates Dr Praveen. The trust was started in 2013, helping students pursue aviation courses along with Graduation.

In fact, while cabin crew, pilots and customer care executives within this industry require just a higher secondary level certificate, a degree is necessary to advance in their career. Resuming education to attain a professional degree post a decade-long career can prove to be an arduous task. At IIAAM, students can pursue their regular degree while simultaneously achieving certifications in their areas of interest like Aviation, Software, Language, Communication Skills, and so on. “With IIAAM, we can foresee a new generation of youth, graduating from colleges each year, with a thorough knowledge and basic understanding of the aviation and other industries and its social and economic influences upon living standards,” says Dr Praveen.

Sculpting Leaders of Tomorrow

He goes on to explain how today, several organisations, including airlines, prefer candidates with graduation and a professionally trained background in at least one field of expertise. He adds, “At IIAAM, the curriculum is designed to improve the student’s personal skills. There is great demand for dynamic and educated leaders and managers to control the logistics, management and aviation business of the industry. Our programs aim to bridge the gap between the increasing demands of the industry & professionals with the comprehensive knowledge of the chosen field.”

Some of the leading Placements in May June 2022 are BIAL ( Bangalore Airport), Spice Jet, GGI (CS-1) GlobeGround India for Ground Handling in Bangalore, IndiGo Cabin Crew, GGI (Ramp) GlobeGround India for Ground Handling in Bangalore, GGI (CS-2) GlobeGround India for Ground Handling in Bangalore, Manque Global, Star Air, Air India SATS and Exxon Mobil USA.

The institution is continually adapting and innovating to maintain one of the leadership positions in this domain. Any challenges encountered are addressed swiftly and effectively. When the Coronavirus pandemic ravaged almost every industry, IIAAM quickly initiated distance learning practices and universities and allied colleges. In the first year of the pandemic, IIAAM and allied Universities and colleges delivered more than hundreds of virtual classroom courses and reached thousands of online participants. In addition to in-class and distance learning, the institution also provides aviation personnel working all around the globe with hundreds of digital content in different fields.

Taking Strides into the Future

Moving forward, anticipating what the future holds, IIAAM is poised to expand its services to various other colleges and universities across India with a strong focus on Bangalore and Tamil Nadu. Additionally, the institution is currently awaiting the results of the application for Global Ranking applied through Presidency University.

Furthermore, IIAAM is designing online courses to facilitate students from all over the world with access to the best aviation education platform. Dr Praveen concludes, “Our team is working on creating textbooks for aviation students as per the syllabus of Bangalore North University so all students studying BBA Aviation in affiliated colleges can use the same.”

For More Info: https://iiaam.org/

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