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VK Khandelwal, the man behind the success of Selective Education, is the Founder & Chairman of one of the leading HR services company in India. With his immense experience and knowledge in education and the HR industry, he has been shaping an optimum career of students and working professionals associated with him and has been contributing to their growth. Khandelwal being the pioneer in the HR services industry, also introduced an active HR Division in collaboration with the Top MNC’s, where his team of expert professionals conducts corporate training and In-Campus placements in the most reputed colleges.


With COVID-19 affecting travel for international studies around the world, many students looking to apply for their higher education abroad at the end of 2020 or in 2021 are confused.

As the situation is developing rapidly and is evolving each day, students have several questions regarding their higher education. We will answer some of your most pressing concerns with studying abroad plans.

Can I apply to study abroad in 2021?

In most instances, the short answer is yes. If you are looking to begin your study in 2021, there are applications and intake options available for the spring of 2021. Due to travel restrictions, though you are unable to attend campus physically or travel to the country, several universities are working closely with their government to create study options for prospective and current international students.

For countries with strict border constraints, colleges and training providers are providing prospective international students with the ability to start their degree online, with a transfer to on-campus options as soon as the border restrictions ease down or travel arrangements are in place for international students.

Listed below are some of the most recent changes. However, as the situation is developing and changing rapidly, we suggest keeping up-to-date with the latest news from the official government and university outlets.


The USA has no travel restrictions and welcomes international students, which means that you can apply to start your studies in the 2021 academic year.

However, from March 2020 onwards, any international student in new or original status residing outside the USA would not be able to enter and enrol in a full-time course at the US university if it is conducted online.

Current students can still secure their student visas if their courses have switched to online study due to COVID-19. If they are uncertain, we suggest that students get in touch with their university. The students applying to the US for 2021 should keep up to date with the latest news and pay frequent checks on the official government website.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is dedicated to helping international students and is available for admission in the spring of 2021.

If you apply to study in the UK, it is best to stay in touch with your university and the official government outlets, as there may be changes to your start date and campus arrangements, or you may need to start your studies online.

The United Kingdom has also announced a two-year extension of post-graduate work visas, which offers an excellent opportunity for international students to prolong their stay in the country and launch their careers abroad. This includes all students who have begun their online studies due to restrictions on COVID-19 as long as they arrive in the UK by April 2021.


Ireland currently has active international travel controls to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, and travel and campus controls are in effect but under continuous scrutiny.

Despite the limitations, universities in Ireland are still collaborating with government authorities to reduce disruption and welcome new students to the 2021 academic year. Depending on the latest developments in COVID-19, there may be delayed start dates, or you may be forced to start your studies by online learning until it has been deemed safe to resume on-campus learning.


Canada currently has active international travel bans to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that no prospective or a current international student with a study permit authorized after 18 March 2020 can enter the country.

Although the situation is changing rapidly and a strict travel ban is in place, you can still apply to study. The Government of Canada has allowed international students to start their studies online before their application for a study permit can be properly reviewed and evaluated, so that the travel restrictions are lifted.


If you apply for Semester 1 or Trimester 1 at the beginning of 2021, applications will open from August onwards, depending on the admission dates.

Although the situation is changing rapidly, you can still apply for a student visa. Many universities have switched to online studies so that international students can start their studies online until travel restrictions are lifted.

New Zealand

Applications for Semester 1 or Trimester 1 at the beginning of 2021 are open. New Zealand currently has very stringent international travel bans to avoid a COVID-19 pandemic. However, universities are working very closely with the government to prepare the early-2021 intake for international students.

Although the situation is changing rapidly and there is currently no assurances if you can still apply to study in 2021. Many universities have switched to online studies so that international students can start their studies online until travel restrictions are lifted.


For those of you considering to enrol for spring semester abroad in 2021, we advise you to take the following precautions:

Academics: Register for the online classes offered by foreign universities in case you don’t get to travel because of restrictions.

Finance: Get acquainted with the cancellation procedure and decision dates of your program. If appropriate, do not agree to any unrecoverable financial conditions until the status of your fall, spring, or academic year program becomes more certain.

Program Dates: In addition to the normal study abroad program dates, you can prepare for at least an additional 14 days for the planned quarantine upon arrival at the host institution.

Student visas: consult with the Consulate General of the Embassy of the country where you intend to travel to infer if they are accepting proposals for student visas to enter that country.

Flights: Do not book your tickets until there is more clarity about the Spring 2021 travel guidelines. In case you still want to book your ticket, book tickets that offer discounts or full flexibility if you need to cancel or change your flight tickets.

Health Insurance: When flying abroad, make sure to bring your health insurance card with you. You are expected to enrol in an international health institution.

Travel Insurance: Buy a travel insurance policy that allows you to cancel for any reason whatsoever.

If you are confused about your options and want to know more about the changing scenario of studying abroad, you can book a session with an Edutech Counsellor. They offer personalized advice as per your situation.

They provide a plethora of information for students who aim to pursue their education in India or abroad.


More About VK Khandelwal

At Selective Education, Mr Khandelwal introduced various workshops and programs for students and working professionals to train them and opt for their desired career options globally. To implement this, he appointed a team of experienced professionals with a specialization of various National/International Colleges to provide countless opportunities for students who aim to pursue quality education in India and Abroad. He had personally visited more than 200 Universities and Counselling Centers worldwide and helped over thousands of students in securing Admissions in Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programme across the globe.

Mr Khandelwal’s outstanding leadership and enthusiastic commitment is the reason behind the considerable success and growth of Selective Education. His passion for innovation in the Education industry and his constant search for new challenges have helped sustain his interest in the field.

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