Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, Learnbay Data Science Institute

In 6 years since its inception in 2015, Learnbay Data Science Institute has provided a broad spectrum of training to beginners and professionals alike, including job assistance and placement support. Learnbay has been educating people to transition between careers in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning fields. “With a concise mission to secure careers for professionals, through assistance in helping them develop analytical and technical skills, Learnbay enables students to switch into high-growth analytical job roles by leveraging their own domain knowledge and work experience at an affordable cost,” says Krishna Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Learnbay Data Science Institute.

Learnbay offers 6 different data science courses, including foundation, advanced and fast track courses for professionals, managers,  and a course that guarantees job placement. With courses spanning from 4 months to 11 months, the instruction at Learnbay provides online training at affordable prices, with 2 capstones and at least 7 real-time projects in all the courses. Learnbay is one of the best choices for data sciences as it implements one on one learning support through interactive classes and additional discussion sessions. With 24/7 tech support, the online learning platform gives students premium access to cloud labs for projects in real-time and regularly updates learning modules for the benefit of students. Numerous mock tests and live projects on Cloud Labs help training students to explore domain-specific topics and work with professionals from Flipkart and Amazon for real-time visual training. The courses at Learnbay are designed to cater to the various needs of learners. As many are professionals from assorted fields, the learning platform specializes in multiple domains, including sales, marketing, hospitality, transport, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, research, retail, e-commerce, and resource management. 

Ensuring Employability

Besides providing a well-rounded curriculum, Learnbay also makes sure that students receive special career counselling sessions for job aspirants to further enhance their professional growth and polish skills. They also offer students lifetime access to recorded lectures to rewatch videos and learn better. Students have the flexibility to choose any instructor until students have a clear understanding of topics. It also gives students the leniency to pay course fees in instalments. “We have plenty of expert faculties for training, counselling, organizing projects, arranging classes, and more. We create educational content based on the present requirements. The team of experts research the latest curriculum and upgrade the contents accordingly,” shares Mr. Krishna.

The institute caters to a wide range of people coming from different walks of life. Thus, the learning modules are developed in simple language and use understandable terms to support all students. A revision team ensures the correctness of content and publishes the same on the platform for learners. “Our lectures are also recorded and uploaded on the YouTube platform for the general data science aspirants. Our concise, crisp, and concentrated knowledge guides are ideal for every data science learner,” Mr. Krishna says. 

Pursuing a Tech career

Being an online platform, Learnbay Data Science Institute uses social media platforms to promote its courses and various data science and AI topics. By sharing success stories and transformation journeys, they keep their marketing authentic and genuine. As they are an online teaching platform, they also provide a few free modules and tools for curious learners on YouTube. Content-based on AI and ML are also uploaded on different article and blog submission websites with SEO-intensive keywords.

Since its inception, Learnbay has performed exceedingly well. This B2B business that caters to working professionals has been recognized across the different metro cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, and many more. So far, they have hired 25+ professional technical tutors to teach specialized domain courses to more than 3,000 students. “Around 60% to 70% of the Learnbay candidates have successfully found placements in multinational corporations like Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, and new start-ups. These success ratios are only expected to increase in the next five years,” says Mr. Krishna. 

Best in the Business

With a 4.8 star review on Google, Learnbay’s online courses have become popular during this covid era. With everyone moving online, Learnbay was fortunate enough to have active enrollment and participation in classes. Increased registrations and utilization of maximum technological resources helped the institute to continue functioning, providing support for learns and guide and gratify them. During the transition phase, Learnbay made sure to remain solid in its mission. Their goal is to help those in search of a career transformation and guide them to new possibilities without diverting or confusing them from their destination. With real-time projects on Cloud Labs, the future Data Scientists learned how to perform analysis by watching Flipkart, Amazon, and other company’s Data scientists at work using Big Data. “We worked consistently to enrich our courses with projects and learning perspectives. We included industry-based domain specialized real-time analysis projects for our learners,” Mr. Krishna shares. 

Learnbay Data Science Institute has become one of the most easily recognized platforms for data science learning today. It sits on the top 7 data science institutes published by and ranks first in Chennai. In August 2021, the 127th Conference Unicorns & Emerging Unicorns 2021 Awards honoured Learnbay as the Most Admired & Preferred EdTech Emerging Unicorn for their Ground-Breaking & Innovation Technology. The institute also collaborated with IBM, giving them a sense of quality and guaranteed success.

As the whole operation was moved online, the employees too had to adapt to the new work from home environment. Thanks to technology, communication was smooth sailing, engaging employees exceedingly well to have a flawless transition. “Our priority has always been the health and mental wellness of the workers and shall remain so. We ensured to provide an environment of positivity and physical & mental wellness,” says Mr. Krishna. 

Despite Obstacles

“COVID-19 gave us many important lessons about being ready for unexpected situations. Among several positive morals learned from this pandemic, one lesson is the dynamism of technology in the educational industry,” Mr. Krishna says. The phenomenon of e-learning has suddenly become popular, opening our mind to understanding the role technology plays in our lives today. Learnaby, too, visions immense opportunities in the sector, with the utilization of video tutoring, video conferencing, online learning tools, language applications, and many more expecting to surge. “We believe that smart educational equipment must be integrated with the curriculum. Students must know how to operate intelligent devices. Including technology like ML and AI, in educational institutions gives immense power to the educators as well as the students,” opines Mr. Krishna.

In India, there is a wide digital divide between the rural and urban areas of the country. The lack of technology and training are major barriers to education and at Learnbay, they ensure that education through technology becomes a priority in every locality and district. As a way to bridge the gap, the institute has opted to invest in growing its market though different platforms. By simplifying technology to make content accessible on phones, tablet, laptops and other devices, their strategy is to provide basic training to learners and tutors. Their USP is the Cloud Lab that helps in expanding EdTech beyond metropolitan cities. 

Looking Ahead

As they look into the future, with no end of COVID in sight, Learnbay believes that online live interactive training is here to stay. More than 10,000 professionals have been trained in a variety of courses and skills over the past two years. Coordinating with teams and staying healthy kept them motivated to provide quality education and experience to candidates who enrolled in the program along with placement support. With a focus to aid successful career transition, the institute works to enhance the success ratio and make significant progress in developing AI-based assessment tools. “We are planning to include more training on domain-specialized projects for the industry-like experience. We shall work on improving our ties with Multinational Corporations for easy placements. We would also offer scholarships and discounts to deserving students,” Mr. Krishna shares.

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