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Mrunali Kulkarnil is the Founder of Vision International. Her background in Commerce and her initial job profile of working in Human Resources took a sudden turn when she realized that from the time she was 14, all she really wanted to do was to start a venture of her own. Mrunali’s passion is actually being passionate!


A choice everyone wants to put to action, studying abroad has been a dream for anyone and everyone at least at one point in their life. With a whole world of choices, studying abroad gives you an opportunity to explore thousands of universities around the world. Each of these universities will offer various different courses, and which can make it hard to figure out what and where you want to study. The plethora of opportunities is quite overwhelming, but you need to start somewhere. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when you are looking to study abroad:

Choosing the Country that fits you!

Although you have figured out what course you are choosing to pursue, you still have a long way to go. Your first task is to choose a country that suits you best as this is where you will be spending your next phase of life. Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for a country that fits your requirements:

  • Economic Growth

Once you start studying a new country, there might be chances of you continue living there while working as well. So one of the things to keep in mind is the country’s economic growth as this will help you when you are looking for jobs in your field of interest.

  • Popular Industries 

Looking into the industry sector the country is popular for is much needed as this will help you secure a job after you have finished your studies. This will help you at great lengths as you can choose a university that has more exposure to the industry, giving you the practical exposure you need for your course.

  • Education

While you are looking for countries, it is mandatory to check whether the country has universities that offer courses of your choice, the education pattern they follow and at what level they promote education, and how the Government funds their education sector.

  • Other Things to Keep in mind

Since you are not just going to be studying in that country, you need to understand the lifestyle in the country. Here are a few things you can check out so that will help you better in understanding if you would adjust to the new place sooner:

  1. Part-Time Working Opportunities and Rights
  2. Medical Support for International Students
  3. Crime Rate and Protection at the Country
  4. Cultures and Traditions of the Country
  5. Religion followed by the residents and their opinion about different religions and nationalities

Choosing your Haven of Education

Once you have finally narrowed down the place you want to study in, next comes the task of shortlisting universities you want to apply to. You can choose your selection of universities by keeping all the factors needed to make a decision in mind. While looking for a university to study in, here are a few factors to keep in mind to help you make a better choice:

  • Research!

Before just diving into applying for the university, you need to know the said university better. Information about how old the university is, whether it is a private or a state university, their world ranking, faculty members, and scholarships is very helpful as it will give you a better understanding of how students are educated there and how they fare well outside in the industry.

  • Dive into the Courses Deeply

You need to research about the course of your choice in the university, and what else do you get to learn apart from your subject, like electives and credit points in your course for all the subjects. You will get a better understanding of their education pattern and if it something that suits you

  • Exposure to Industry

Another thing you need to focus on how does the university supports its students as they step into the industry. You have to check whether they provide internships for their students and assist you to in resume and application writing for job applications. Since you are in a completely new place, this support is needed for you to help to make your stay there after college a smooth sailing one. 

  • University Culture

As a university is not just about studies, you will also get a chance to have a college life, for you to have that memorable experience, the ambiance the university radiates to make itself student-friendly also plays a huge role in selecting your college. Here are a few pointers to get a better understanding of the people and college there:

  1. On-Campus Accommodations
  2. Multicultural Experiences
  3. Facilities like Study Rooms, Playgrounds, Medical Facilities, Food Halls, Library, Gardens, and Common Areas.
  4. Counseling and Domestic Support for International Students in times o Crisis
  5. Community Support for International Students

While it can be difficult to choose between universities, you will find that some key differences between them can help you make the big decision. Every university has its persona, which helps to determine what sort of character and focus the university has and ensure that it aligns with your personality, interests, and goals.

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